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Everything You Should Know About Roy Masters

Everything You Should Know About Roy Masters

A series part of “Healers, Gurus, and Spiritual Guides”

This is a profile of Roy Masters at the beginning of his career, written in 1969 by former CBS News Correspondent William Wolff.

“If you are for what is truly right,” Roy Masters was telling me, “then everything else that is wrong—but seems like it is right—is shown up in contrast to it.”

Read more: https://medium.com/@roymasters/roy-masters-moment-of-truth-f...

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Roy Masters, The Spiritual Guide, Ron Paul The Political Guide

The both go hand in hand..Together there is NOTHING they cannot do to turn America around...

Most of you know little or nothing about Roy masters but one day soon

and I don't know when that day will be you will hear alot more from him and your life will never be the same...EVER again...