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Ventura The Hero

Deceased Sniper’s Bar Fight Claims Against Ventura Fall Apart in Court



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pseudo courage

The second article linked, "Pseudo-Courage" was very well written. Thank you for sharing.



Jesse the Socialist


"There's nothing wrong with a little socialism."

"You can't have private roads. You'd have a toll every 50 feet!" What?

Star this video, bring it back every time we hear this guy's a libertarian.


Whatever he is

I am glad it looks like he is going to win this lawsuit against Kyle's government propaganda.


"You have to have unions."

Wow. This is Jesse's socialistic beliefs way more in the open than he's gone in the past.

Jesse is so wrong

on a number of issues, including his choice in shirts. howard stern? well, it would be good theater. the whole thing is a charade after all.