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How the Empire sponsors Foreign Militaries: American Debt Slaves pay for IDF's Warfare Training Center & Gaza CrackDown!

War Games: Israeli Urban Warfare

Published on Jul 9, 2014

The city has become a battlefield. As modern militaries must adapt to a landscape that often gives the upper hand to insurgents, proper training becomes more essential than ever. VICE News correspondent Alex Miller travels to Israel, home to one of the largest and most advanced urban warfare training centers in the world, to embed with a unit practicing effective urban combat tactics before employing them in the streets.

** This is just one way in how America's annual 'aid' to Israel gets expended; as per John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hitman, the zero-interest 'loan' guarantees grants ensure & stipulate no-bid corporatist contracts to connected companies (usually not an 'open check,' per-se: ie, under the terms, Israel is required to buy specific products & services x, y, z from US multinationals like Boeing, Bechtel, Caterpillar, etc.): 'we' subsidized the construction of their new guerrilla warfare training center, IN Israel, all funded with stolen Americans' wealth and generational debt slavery:

The Statist hack 'comedian' Bill Maher executive produced Vice 'News' even changed the name from "Guerrilla Warfare" (which was how it was titled, when I first watched this same video) to the current, changed, new title: "Urban Warfare".

Coming home to a policestate near you...er, oh wait, 'we' already got one of those, too! Hm... kinda like one of these at Fort AP Hill, Virginia:

Hey, at least the Amerikan War propagandists had the PR savvy to call it: "Asymmetric Warfare Center"!!

Come now IDF, get with the f'ng program, ya Z-tier propagandists! LOL

Military Training To Deploy In American Cities

Published on May 15, 2014

David Knight and SSG Joe Biggs travel to Ft. AP military base outside of Bowling Greene Virginia.An elaborate small town america training ground for what could be a domestic terrorist threat that the government perceives is the US population. Watch them discover what's really there.


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