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Domestic Terrorism Foreshadowing by Cheney?

Numerous times in history, States - including the united States Central Government - have engaged in destruction for the sake of deception in order to push through their agendas. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident and the Reichstag fire immediately come to mind as prominent examples. With 9/11 having occurred nearly a decade and a half ago, should Americans be on the look out?

In an excerpt from a recent Politico article, one of the top leaders from the Red Party, Dick Cheney, reportedly said something seemingly innocuous which I found somewhat troubling.

“I think the very first step … is to recognize that there is a threat,” Cheney said Monday. Yet even he acknowledged that there’s growing public fatigue from always having to watch out for terrorist threats: “You’ve got folks who simply don’t want to be bothered, and it’s been a long time since 9/11,” he said.

[emphasis added]

Do you suppose they'll try to bolster support for further military action in the Middle East through potentially nefarious plots here at home? Was the Red leader foreshadowing?

Of course, no conclusions can be drawn, but one thing is for sure, this ain't 2001 Toto. Americans are much more aware today than they were back then. It's never a bad idea to station a lookout at the watering hole. I wouldn't put anything past the power mongers.

Perhaps next time, instead of going to the Middle East to hunt terrorists, a short trip could be made to Washington DC.

Cheney's comment: innocuous or potentially sinister?

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It will just be several things happening to hide what is really going on. If one 9-11 worked why not 2 or 3.

I am sure the current Middle East

events will be exploited - that's why they are occurring.

What might also be added to the mix is a terrorist attack caused by the current scripted immigration debacle. Articles are popping up saying that Muslim paraphernalia is being found at the border fences. Reminds me of the passports found after the planes crashed on 9/11.

Several scenarios seem to be brewing.

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Any thoughts?

The statement certainly demonstrates that Cheney openly blames the lack of interest in the wars he endorses on - 9/11 is no longer fresh on peoples' minds.