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Politics Aside, Is Rand Paul Qualified To Be President?

Senators generally make horrible presidents due to their lack of administrative experience.

Running a business can provide a candidate with administrative experience as can being a governor.

Rand Paul is a Senator and a former eye doctor.

Running a medical practice, provides insight into the mechanics of commerce, but does not necessarily provide the type of administrative training that may be required to successfully run a Presidential administration.

Rand's senatorial position helps him understand issues, how to argue persuasively, how to filibuster and make alliances-things a politician needs to do but provides no administrative experience.

Do you think Rand Paul if elected, would be up to the task?

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What you describe is a utopia

What you describe is a utopia of order. But that's all it is. A utopia. Humans are fundamentally creatures of chaos. The civilization we cloth ourselves with is THIN, very thin. Most people don't realize how thin, since they only look at the outside surface and not at what is underneath. Civilization is but an illusion to mask how primitive we really are.

I personally believe more in a philosophy of balance than in extreme order. Whenever I meet someone that believes and operates in extremes, it's mostly because these people are suffering from a psychological distortion. It's because they often don't realize that in following an extreme you ALWAYS have to sacrifice something in return. And that weakens the human race. Now it's not wrong to believe and operate in extremes, but it must come with the realization that its opposite is also necessary. The problem is, people that realize that the opposite force is also necessary don't tend to be extreme themselves.

you ALWAYS have to sacrifice something in return-

You have to give time. That's what's required. I also don't see how a small fraction of percentage of people upholding the law is utopia. The hyperdimensional reality of good bad and gray of individuals will always still exist but the time it takes by the awakened is the final inviolate law that brings the balance but only if people pursue it. The law and justice is all about balance. Why do you think lady liberty blindly holds a balanced scale? Its because of the balance and impartiality that exists within real law. You want balance? Then upholding the law is where the balance exists.

I always find it funny how people equate upholding the law with "extreme" all while mass fraud and genocide is overlooked for consideration as "extreme" behavior.

Upholding the law is not something of extreme tactics it is one of subtle humble consistency and enabling others to see their own fallacious conflicts until embarrassment of blatant incompetence sets in. People will make all the excuses in the world to not take the time to learn and uphold the law but they will spend vast amounts of time pointing out how it won't work.

Maybe it is wiser to spend the time on the actual solutions than to have opinions about how nothing will work and no better outcome than guaranteed fail is possible. It's easy to make excuses, it's hard to learn what is necessary to hold criminals accountable.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

I wasn't talking about time.

I wasn't talking about time. If you pursue order to the extreme, the natural disposition of mankind will soon (soon being years to several decades) force it to devolve back into chaos. That's because you are going against nature. In your explanation I heard NOTHING about emotions, how humans are naturally pre disposed to exert the least energy possible, that they have a natural predisposition for selfishness and aversion of risk. A philosophy that takes no account of these and thinks that "sacrificing more time" will solve these problems denies the reality of oneself and is doomed to failure. It's similar to how people believe that all we need to do is return back to the constitution and that this will somehow solve all our problems now and in the future. Make no mistake, I think the constitution is probably the most brilliant piece of document ever devised (better than the bible IMO), but it was naive to think that a piece of paper could somehow contain mankind. The constitution FAILED.

You yourself mentioned that less than 1% had the disposition to really follow the law. That small percentage is not a coincedence. Education and the nurture of the correct culture from birth might bring that percentage up, but lawlessness and chaos are things that move in cycles. Because we as humans are constantly in flux. CHANGE itself is engraved within our DNA. Without it, we would go extinct. This is why I think it's naive for people to say that they want to eradicate all hard times or all suffering. If we had actually managed to accomplish such a feat, we would all be dead 100 years later.

Anyways, I do have some solutions. I already gave some hints in my previous reply. INCENTIVE COMPATIBLE systems, that's what we need. A system that takes human nature into account, that doesn't even try to fight it, but makes use of it instead in order to keep the system in balance. A system that lives in harmony with human nature instead of a system that tries to fight it, but setup in such a way that it is self regulating. I didn't want to expand on this idea, because it was the ideas behind bitcoin that finally made me realize that such systems were possible. I don't consider myself a pumper, so I have avoided bringing up the subject.

The law takes human nature into account

that is why it is called the LAW. I am talking about REAL LAW.

Real law dictates that the only thing a human can have some control over is themselves. So the order I speak of is one bringing themselves into order. I am not suggesting we attempt to do the impossible and bringing everything into order because that is not within our control. Emotions are within our control. Our movements abilities are within our control. Our knowledge acquisition is within our control. We can control ourselves and bring more order into our lives and live within that order.

If you think that any system is going to work without upholding the law then you are the one who has a pipedream. Any system (or systemless existence) will uphold the law or there will be rampant tyranny and lawlessness everywhere. This is just logic not philosophy or anything else.

So you can create all you want but if you are ignoring the law then you are giving up its protections thereby losing all access to its peaceful defenses. This is an inviolate law of nature.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

The law you speak of is

The law you speak of is designed to fight human nature. It does not live in harmony with it. As such it will never be able to solve lawlessness. But perhaps I'm underestimating your argument. If you have an example of laws actually taking human nature into account, I might change my mind on the viabiliy.

Real Law

Law has a logical hierarchical order of applicability from the whole set through every entity ending with the legally defined fictional capacity with each class of law applicable to defined entities. Each discrete set of law beyond natural law is only accessed through consent of the one who consented to be governed by that level of law. The tricky part is comprehending consent. Most people don't and they consent to what would otherwise be criminal acts against them. Consenting to criminal acts, under colorable claims of applicability of law, being committed against oneself is the source of almost all tyranny.

The hierarchy of Law

Divine Law-Source of Order-Interfaces with Man through inspiration. Divine law shapes nature through action performed from the divine inspiration.

Natural Law- The Laws that govern all aspects of Nature- Interfaces with Man via physical sentient interactive processing with all of nature

Common Law- The default non-conflicting maxims and interpretations that govern the interactions of Men and the process of balanced justice

Organic Law- Jurisdictional interpretational traits both understood and repugnant Common Law to those that adopt and proclaim them

Constitutional Law- Contractual creation of legal capacity with binding governing law for those who wish to fill the contractual capacity adopted under the organic law understanding

Statutory Law- Law that governs the lawful procedures and operations of all capacities created under the Constitutional contract

This is the intrinsic hierarchy of real law. It will be understood and utilized for its protections or its protections will be inaccessible and all protections will be lost.

This fact is not opinion, it is the inherent hierarchy of how law actually functions. If you don't understand this then any creation of a system will be born of confusion and result in some form of tyranny. The law will be upheld or people will consent to and maintain lawlessness. It is that simple.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Well said.

People always seems to take the broad way instead of the narrow way.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Stalin had plenty of experience leading a nation...

Let's resurrect his dead ass.

Enforcing the Tenth Amendment,

I'd say that he'll do a stellar job.

Hugs from Chile.

Did Not Stop


God forgives always. Man forgives sometimes. But Nature never forgives.

His father, and Rand, seem to be horrible...

...with the staff below. I have heard from internet folks in the biz that the line-up to staff a future Rand Paul Executive jobs spree is not anything to be excited about and anyone decent is getting shut out by the opportunists.

We aren't talking about stuffing the place with Ron Swansons--which would be the best we could hope for.

The fact is that amongst the humanities, education, and on and on, there just aren't many qualified amongst us who have the credentials, and the skill and long term agenda to run a bureaucracy. Reagan was able to get a few in place who did good most have never heard about, but he also failed specatularly(e.g. Department of Education was suppose to go to a conservative, but it went to the loathsome Bill Bennett).

Longtime Internet Poster

Totally true, but... (and this is no excuse)...

...it's true of all recent administrations since Reagan.

I'll add on the plus side...

...I believe Rand is classically trained and understands power, the State and politics and wouldn't be the easy push over Obama was (to the extent one thinks Obama a lightweight, rather than a cognizant conspirator--and I go back and forth on that.)

Longtime Internet Poster

Frick no! For one thing he was born in the u.s...

he has a real job outside politics, he's not even related to the Prescott Bushes!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

and he is not related to the Clintons either


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Yes, qualified.

He understands the Constitution and what the executive's job actually is.


If a Kenyan born communist can be president,then Rand Paul can certainly be pres!!!!

As has been alluded infra

Compared to whom? Any of the other possibilities are arguably worse, and all of the previous presidents have had worse prior experience. Most were simply professional politicians.

There are no saints to rule so no one is fit to rule. This is why we shouldn't have rulers.

But since we don't seem to have a way to be rid of them yet, despite not being a Rand fanboy, if we have to have a president, who that will run would be better than Rand? (except maybe Gary Johnson who isn't very likely)

We need to be able to vote for no one. No thanks, we'll do without government 'help' for 4 years, you guys can take an unpaid break.

I think running a practice is

I think running a practice is sufficient leadership experience. Actually running a practice is a lot different than being a staff doctor in a large institution.

Backgrounds of Most recent presidents

Obama- Senator and Community Organizer
George W Bush Governor/neer do well
Bill Clinton- Governor/career politician
George HW Bush- Head of CIA/Business
Ronald Reagan-Governor/Actor
Jimmy Carter- Governor AND Businessman- administrative qualifications didn't prevent him from failing
Gerald Ford Congressman
Richard Nixon- Vice President/career politician/lawyer

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Wait now

If a peanut farmer is qualified and the Constitution permits then that ought to be good enough.
Since Eisenhower or JFK, I don't think anyone that's held the post has been truly "qualified" in terms of integrity.
I think Rand Paul ranks up there with those that's held the highest integrity.

I wouldn't call an adulterer

I wouldn't call an adulterer such as JFK a man of integrity.

I shouldn't have used the word "qualified"

rather successful/able.
Technically most people are qualified, as someone already pointed out.

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Honest men are hard to find....

Honest men are hard to find in politics. I believe the son of Ron Paul in the oval office would be a blessing for this country.

Is this question a joke?

When we have had puppet presidents intending the destruction of our country for many years, how can this be a serious question? It would be refreshing to have someone who is not bought and paid for, for a change. The problem with this is that it will not happen. Our elections are a dog and pony show and we do not chose our presidents.

I bet his budget is PERFECTLY balanced in his practice.

Sen Paul's books are in the black, and he's turning a profit, and his numbers are immaculate. Why would he do america's budget any different?

When did common sense become a super power?

Because the President is not in charge of the budget?

he can only sign or veto what congress sends to him

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Exactly. Thanks for playing.

And, I'm saying he's honest. The original question was about qualifications. He can run a business honestly, he can run a country honestly. Small leap of imagination there, bud.

When did common sense become a super power?

I think he understands human action,

and can motivate and inspire people on a basic level.

He can lead, so I'd say he's qualified.

He seems to have a thick skin, too.

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