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Dialing for Liberty event this Saturday!

Hopefully by now you have heard about a Justin Amash endorsed candidate...Tom McMillin.

The campaign is going great, a number of activists are combing the neighborhoods talking to voters, handing out some solid literature and hitting local events, while Tom is hitting every area with townhalls to spread the word!

We now are moving into the area of phone banking and this is your opportunity to help from outstate!

If you live in an area without a liberty candidate for congress, you can give of your valuable time to help at least one liberty candidate by dialing a path to victory for Tom McMillin!

I cannot stress enough how the establishment is going all out to stop Tom.

You see, Tom is looking to replace the NSA and NDAA loving Mike Rogers and we cannot allow his hand picked "heir apparent" to pick up where Mike left off.

So, this Saturday we will be dialing to Tom and dialing for liberty.

You can help by calling John at Tom's campaign office


So many liberty activists will be doing the same from his office and with your support, we can crush any chance of Tom's establishment opponent!

Thank you in advance,

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Link to Tom's site?


Free includes debt-free!


"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

Thanks David.

I got Tom's flyer today, also.

I was being lazy, figured other might be, too. Shrugs.

But, Thanks!

Free includes debt-free!