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Morning Joe Talks Rand Paul - July 14, 2014

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As a fellow alumnus of the

As a fellow alumnus of the University of Alabama, I am ashamed of Joe "Let me kiss the establishment's as_" Scarborough.

Do yall think he has been "talked to"? I thought he was a libertarian leaning Republican?

more from today...

Joe calls Rand Paul an 'isolationist'


I can't finish watching this

pig slop. So glad I pulled the plug on these warmongers. Wonder who pays their keep?


So It Begins....2016 Election Cycle Has Begun!

Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Chris 'Fat Chance' Christe, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and all the rest against Rand Paul, the front runner....

Apparently, the American people are behind Rand on foreign policy..

This is HUGE!!

Daddy Paul was destroyed by the MSM and the Neocons on Foreign Policy..

Fortunately for Rand Paul, this time around the people are fed up with Obama and his horrible presidency. There is some BIG time BLOWBACK for the Neocons and the current Obama administration for all the wars. The people are tired of all of these no win expensive wars.

Rand Paul will be a very formidable candidate if he runs in 2016. Even Hillary Clinton has backed away saying she may have made a mistake in supporting the war in Iraq...