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Car Jacker Gets Jacked by By-Standers.

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You know what, America is

You know what, America is deeply screwed up. Not because of crime, that happens everywhere, it's America's criminals... they're all sociopaths. The guy gets caught, beat up, and what does he do? Brags about it not being his first time. Why? Why would he do this?

I witnessed something similar happen in the Philippines a few years back. The guy didn't brag, he prayed and asked for forgiveness. He also tried to explain his sister was sick.

But in America, home of Hollywood, criminals brag, laugh, and act tough. They think it's some sort of badge of honor to try something like this... and try it in their own neighborhood!

This FAT guy wasn't stealing for survival, he was doing it for recognition in his neighborhood.

That is some sick, psychopathic behavior.

The sad thing is, his "neighbor" will probably have to watch his back or move, because this guy will retaliate after he turns more sociopathic in jail.

The Cops Seemed Disappointed

...that some citizens deprived them of an opportunity to administer a good beat-down. The car-jacker was actually lucky on this one. The police would have done far worse to him.

Citizens Militia! 2nd Amendment at it's finest!

...This is how it's done. No need for taser. No one gets needlessly shot. No need for the tyranny baggage that comes with police.
And if they relied on the cops, the guy would've got away too.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

What if the women that he was car-jacking

had a CCW & just shot him dead ? Would you all consider that excessive force ? I wouldn't.

Ron Swanson

She'd be in jail

This took place in Kalifornia, no loaded guns in cars allowed

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I worry.

I worry that excessive force, used here, is OK. Yet, if it were police officers, we would be screaming, "excessive force". Beating someone bloody, after subduing him, does not seem Christian, to me. It may be far from legal, too. I have been told for so long taking the law into your own hands was wrong. How do we respond to such discrepancies in our behavior? Obviously, the guy was in the act of a crime. But, are we given the right to dole out punishment, or are we not?!

Agreed. Excessive. Stomping

Agreed. Excessive. Stomping his hand was unnecessary.

I agree on the handstomp 100%

I do however understand hitting him anytime you felt him try and get up. He did keep trying to leave the area and they put him in check real quick.

As far as the comment above yours. Yes if it were a cop we would have issues because they are supposed to be TRAINED to subdue a person without needing to punch them in the face. They also have a taser, beat stick and a gun on them IF they need to.

These are just everyday people who used what they had at their disposal to keep this guy on the ground. I think if he would have just laid down flat no one would have punched him in the face once down.

Back to the hand stomp. That was overkill because the guy wasn't trying to punch anyone or grab anyone. If you want to try and stomp on something I think going for a leg would have made more sense since he kept trying to use them to get up and leave.

Even once the cop tried to grab him, he was still trying to leave the area and then got tossed to the ground. The cop also still needed help getting the cuffs on him. He was struggling even if at times it looked as if he was passive.

In the end, he is lucky he didn't get his ass shot and only got punched a few times and a hurt hand.

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And the thing about this story that worries me

Is the fact that t took the cop a bit of time to get there and if bystanders didn't jump in, this scenario would have been a much bigger issue. I am sure the guy will get charged with attempted kidnapping along with the GTA charge.

I bet if they didn't have a camera, that guy would have gotten his butt whooped hard. That hand stomp was a great addition though lol.

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