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Illegal Entry Accountability Act

Rep. Randy Weber has introduced a bill in the House addressing the recent problem of illegal entry into the U.S. The bill will suspend foreign aid to the countries that illegal aliens are coming from unless the governments of those countries take steps to stop the migration.

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Good! not perfect, but I am

Good! not perfect, but I am always for cutting foreign aid. Stop the invasion, secure the border, Restore the Constitution!

I haven't read the proposed

I haven't read the proposed legislation, but I certainly do approve of sanctions on governments that aid and abet criminal activity, e.g. by providing publicity, money, or other means of support for a journey to violate our laws.

Can't believe it.

Demand that nations hold their citizens prisoner?

There's a few familiar names in that list of Congressmen and I'm ashamed of them.

Should cut off the aid anyway...

However, I'm not sure what "measures" the countries listed could take that wouldn't lean towards the tyrannical. What are they going to do, put people in jail for trying to leave?