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Lower vitamin D level in blood linked to higher premature death rate

June 12, 2014
University of California - San Diego
Researchers have found that people with lower blood levels of vitamin D were twice as likely to die prematurely as people with higher blood levels of vitamin D. The finding was based on a systematic review of 32 previous studies that included analyses of vitamin D, blood levels and human mortality rates. The specific variant of vitamin D assessed was 25-hydroxyvitamin D, the primary form found in blood.

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Don't Use Sunscreen!

Sunscreen stops the UV you need to make your own Vitamin D.

The amount of exposure to sun you need varies widely from season to season and your location and the weather.

Sun exposure helps prevent cancer, even skin cancer, as long as you don't burn and as long as the sun is not coming through glass. Sun through glass stops the good UV and allows bad UV through.

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right you are

best to gradually get a base, and then you'll be fine and reap sun's benefits.

Some ingredients too toxic to put on kids.

They burdens little livers, increase nutritional needs.

Free includes debt-free!

very true

here is more on the subject of vitamin D from a biochemist who has published papers on the effects of Vitamin D.


This is a Joe Rogan podcast with a Dr. Rhonda Patrick who has extensive knowledge about Vitamin D and general nutrition.

Eat three or four eggs a day, spend 10 minutes in noon sun.

Then supplement, when the sun doesn't shine.

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after reading dr. fuhrmans detailed report on eggs, i'd suggest it be read and considered before you go off and eat 4 eggs a day, as per Paul_S's recommendation. i also think 10 minutes in the sun is not adequate. i'd recommend 20 and with your sleeves rolled up. i agree with Paul to take supplements when you can't get that much sunshine, for whatever reasons.


Eggs from malnourished, grain fed birds are less healthy.

Antibiotics are also a confounding variable.

Malnourishment in the human subjects could reduce potential benefits of the raw materials provided.

Grain-fed Eggs are lower in Omega-3 and higher in Omega-6. Diabetics need Onega-3 fats to create insulin receptors.

Insufficient Omega-3 increases the risk of blood clots and arterial sclerosis.

Are these double blind studies, or dietary questionnaires? The results seem fitted for pre-ordained results.

Time to get today's JumbO eggs out to warm to room temperature.

>Cover with water
>Bring to rolling boil
>Melt spoonful of butter in Bowl
>Turn off heat
>Let soft cook for 1 minute to 75 seconds
>Dump hot water
>Douse in cold running water
>Crack with knife, scoop with spoon
>Place in buttered bowl
>Sea salt, stir and eat

Goal: Runny yolks are healthiest.

Goes good with pickles, avocado, uncured bacon...

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jj. virgin

If you’ve read The Virgin Diet, you know eggs are one of my 7 highly reactive foods I ask you to pull for 3 weeks in cycle 1. There’s a reason: about 70% of my clients test positive for egg intolerances.


Pulse test is effective way to identify problem foods.

I seem to tolerate gluten, eggs, dairy fat, but not milk or cheese.

I have gone without these foods for months then reintroduced them or sometimes eliminated them.

I went grain free for 3 years. I don't do much rice or corn, these days.

My wife and children are gluten intolerant, so no wheat, rye, barley or oats for me.

Everyone would do well to look for food intolerance. Some come from mom, some develop when the digestive system is failing.

One is, what one absorbs, some foods interfere with absorption.

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i've eaten nearly every way possible over the years. i've found i feel at my best avoiding, meat, dairy, oil, processed foods, and fried foods. i keep grains down to a minimum as well as potatoes. sugar too, although i'll have things like almond butter, dried apples or a medjool date at times. and if i'm spending a few months in a tropical port like i do from time to time i'll eat freshly caught white fish once or twice a week. i'll even go for some huevos rancheros made only like they can in mexico.

The pulse test measures a physiological response to eating.

But its easy to confuse a change in balance between carbs and protein.

The Lewis and Clark expedition was on the brink of starvation. They did not sensibly recover from their fast. Their body had no digestive enzymes built up. And they didn't supplement with any.

They gorged themselves, but never ate those foods again. (Wild caught salmon etc.)

I take digestive enzymes, production wanes with age and illness.

Free includes debt-free!