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Is Rand Paul’s Silicon Valley Charm Offensive Working?

By Kevin Roose
July 15, 2014 5:55 p.m.

Earlier this year, when I wrote about the emerging political consciousness of Silicon Valley, I didn't mention Rand Paul at all. Partly, I omitted Paul's name because, despite the airtime given to a few prominent libertarians like Peter Thiel, the tech industry still remains an overwhelmingly liberal stronghold, with the vast preponderance of campaign donations and votes going to Democratic candidates. And partly, I just didn't think Paul's overture to tech companies would work — Paul's anti-surveillance shtick might appeal to privacy zealots, but Bay Area social progressives would reject his more extreme fiscal and foreign-policy views out of hand.

I may turn out to be wrong. Today, Paul appears to be making a full-court press for the affections of Silicon Valley, and there are some signs that his efforts are paying off.


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egapele's picture

Yes. With his message (his father's) how could it not?

Only thing surprising is this thread wasn't posted by RandPaulWatcher. :)

Smart move! Techies are on the front line in surveillance fight

I remember reading an article a few months ago about how the NSA was having trouble recruiting hackers since Snowden came forward.

I don't think people appreciate how huge this is. This is bigger than Rand. This is about hearts and tech-savvy minds.

Geeks are kinda like those Elves in Lord Of The Rings. When push comes to shove, you'll want as many of them on YOUR side as possible!

Sen. Rand Paul is pandering for campaign donations

by supporting a HUGE increase in high tech immigration, though there is a GLUT of highly qualified and highly educated engineers in the U.S. that can't find work due to a shortage of engineering jobs. When the Department of Energy is hiring PhD engineers (chemical, mechanical, and electrical) at the GS-5 level (salary $34,075 to $44,293), Econ 101 tells you there is no shortage of engineers. Sen. Paul says this is in support of free markets... so why did Sen. Paul vote to extend unFree trade agreements with South Korea and Colombia, and isn't supporting increasing HUGE immigration increases for ophthalmologists, though there is a REAL shortage of ophthalmologists. His state of Kentucky is considering allowing optometrists to do some of the work ophthalmologists normally do to help alleviate the shortage. Many ophthalmologists would like to come to the U.S. to help fill the very real shortage but many have a difficult time finding a place to do their required residency because of interference from the AMA.