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It's Apodictically True

Trust is a necessity for a successful long-term relationship.

Politicians cannot be trusted.

States made up of politicians cannot be trusted.

The relationship between humanity and States is damned to fail.


From another angle:

Accountability is a necessity for a successful long-term relationship.

When given a monopoly on force, a group cannot be held accountable.

States cannot be held accountable.

The relationship between humanity and States is damned to fail.


While many may pass this post by due to its shear simplicity, I doubt there will be any sound arguments against it.

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egapele's picture

I feel very sorry for

those who lack faith and trust in the purity of raw humanity.

I came to know Ron Paul in his position in life as a politician, and I trust him.

The Sole No

It says nothing for the rest.

Isn't it contingent on having a government of fallen men.

: expressing or of the nature of necessary truth or absolute certainty
— apo·dic·ti·cal·ly adverb

Free includes debt-free!

Waiting on your cordial reply...

To be honest, I'm just a sucker for productive discussion. It's what I like to do.

Hmm, Percolating, but here is what I was thinking to start.



Those without rulers are free to tyrannize themselves.

Free includes debt-free!

As long as none are popularly surrendered a monopoly on force...

they can be defeated without fear of popular backlash.

Nonetheless, this doesn't have any validity with regards to proving the logic invalid. Even if people tyrannized each other, does it make sense to give one or the other the popularly endorsed power to kill, imprison, and extort the other?

It's only contingent on the fact that individuals are...

corruptible and that it's highly improbable that a group of people seeking power will wield the power for the benefit of those that can't afford to buy them.

Give a counter example that exists, otherwise. There's a reason for foreign aid.

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There's this guy, his name is Ron Paul

He was a Congressman from Texas for, like, .... a bazillion years.

There's a website called the "DailyPaul" - you should check it out.

With all due respect...

I'm likely one of the biggest fans of the ideas espoused and delivered so effectively by Dr. Paul, but what influence did he have on legislation? It's needless to say that that man was not in the majority.

Good luck electing 270 Ron Pauls (218 to the House, 51 to the Senate, and one to the White House).

Personally, I'm not counting on it.

egapele's picture


We will both do a huge fist bump when Cheney is finally publicly disgraced. And it was all because of Ron Paul.

For crying out loud, who else would have taken it all down, and it was all because of you and me supporting him.

I'm not concerned about any particular individual...

being publicly disgraced.

I'm only concerned with freedom and what's in the best interests of the World.

egapele's picture

Sounds like you should

run for office

What good would that do?

It certainly didn't do Paine any good. Public office - although unsolicited - almost got his head removed.

There's more important things to do.

I guess no takers...

Where are the minarchists these days?

Everyone past it now?