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Israel approves Egyptian backed Cease Fire, Hamas rejects Peace-Plan


"Israel announced it will agree to an Egyptian-backed ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the security cabinet has stated. However, the peace plan looks in ruins, with Hamas rejecting the initiative..."



"Yesterday, Egypt floated a proposal for a cease-fire in Gaza as a first step to negotiating a longer-term truce and some normalization between Gaza and Israel. Israel accepted the terms and unilaterally adopted the cease-fire. Hamas … not so much:"



*"Israeli killed by mortar shell near Gaza, Palestinian death toll nearly 200"


*"Israel IDF forewarn Gaza residents to evacuate in anticipation of intensified military operations"


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Israel Created Hamas...

Oh, ok...

And I agree with Ron that we need to mind our own business, & not give out foreign aid to any nation at all. And that has nothing to do with my view of how Israel should handle it's own business.

Of course Israel played one side against the other, when it was advantageous to do so. That was decades ago. Today Hamas is indistinguishable from Palestinian Authority, and the name 'Hamas' is just a label, it's meaningless.

So, technically, yes, elements within Israeli government (Mossad) promoted Hamas over Arafat a few decades ago, and created a monster like Batman created the Joker. Maybe the New World Order factions in Israel were behind this the whole time..? For the normal citizens and soldiers in Israel, it is irrelevant as the rockets keep reigning down.

A better strategy for the Palestinian Muslims would be to make peace, join with Israel, and slowly try to get their way through democracy.

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Not so fast

Here is the real story about the so called ceasefire Israel agreed to: http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/ali-abunimah/hamas-did-n...

Hamas was not consulted about the ceasefire, and will not agree to a ceasefire that only leads to Israel breaking them, as they usually do.

And do look at this graphic: http://electronicintifada.net/sites/electronicintifada.net/f... It shows how worthless are the ceasefires that Israel has agreed to in the past. If you look at the graph, you clearly see that Israel has violated ceasefires more often.

Stop making this about Israel only massacring hundreds because of rocket attacks when the facts clearly show that Hamas only fired the rockets AFTER Netanyahu bombed Gaza in vengeance for the deaths of the three teens. Two member of an ISIS affiliate were behind their deaths, not Hamas. But Netanyahu bombed Gaza anyway. This bombing came before the official operation that was launced after Hamas retaliated.

I read somewhere today ...

... that the guys who killed the 3 teens were heard in the background of a phone call when one of the teens called 911.

The tape of that call was immediately quashed by the Israeli government, but a newspaper got ahold of it and reported that the voices in the background were speaking Hebrew.

Some people are speculating that the killers were Israelis.

War with Syria didn't work out. Challenging Putin in the Ukraine didn't work out. Drumming up support for war against Iran has not worked out. Maybe the Neocons/Likud are itching for a war ... somewhere.

3 killers of the Palestinian boy have been arrested indicted

...by Israeli authorities.

They confessed, and have been charged.

There was not even an attempt, though by Palestinians to find the killers of the 3 Israeli teenagers brutally tortured to death by Palestinian radicals... That was before the Palestinian boy was killed, out of foolish vengeance by the 3 Israeli kids.

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Let's assume ...

... that the story we are told is completely true, and that the Palestinians have done nothing to find and/or prosecute the killers.

How does that justify killing over 100 innocent people?

Huh? What? Ignore everything I said and change the issue?

Justify killing...?

I think what you meant to ask was...

"What is it that justifies Palestine/Hamas reigniting the violence between them and Israel in July of 2014 by kidnapping and torturing 3 Israeli teenagers and firing 1000s of rockets into Israel for a week?!!"

Because the reason Israel is launching airstrikes and missiles is because they are targeting the places where rockets are being fired from Hamas Jew-haters. Palestinians allow themselves to be used as human shields, cause they believe they are being martyred. Israel scrambles to make sure it's civilians are in bomb shelters and are safe from attack. Do you understand these things?

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You said ...

... that the Israelis were responsible people, holding accountable the murderer of a Palestinian kid, while the Palestinians were irresponsible, not holding accountable the murderers of Israeli kids.

You conveniently left out the fact that the Israelis also reigned terror on innocent Palestinians in retaliation for the murders.

And as far as who started what, I have read just as much that Israel started it as the other way around, such as this:


Hopefully, this being the DP, the one thing we can agree on is that the United States should stay the hell out of it, and give no foreign financial aid or military aid to either side.

"Reigned terror"?

...you mean they targeted rocket sites for air strikes...

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No. I think he was referring to the people killed. Your omitting the lives of people, lying to yourself about the missile strikes.


Something tells me ...

... your mind was made up about what happened, before it ever happened.

Do you agree that the United States should stop all financial and military support of both sides?

Take one look at that site, it's a biased, Islam-leaning website


Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

That's not a response.


Pretty sure it was...

The website/source he posted is biased.

I posted 4 different news websites, from 4 different angles to view it from, all relatively objective. He said in response "not so fast". But all I posted was fact reporting, and posted the sources. I didn't opine or expand on it. The reality of the situation is that Hamas does not want peace. So an Islamist leaning website has it's views. Great. Why I should I care more about Hamas' reasons to keep killing and getting killed versus Israel's reasons for wanting peace?

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

If I offer you an agreement ...

... and I don't include you in writing the proposed agreement, and I write it in such a way that it gives me things I want, but gives you nothing you want, then can I reasonably claim that you "rejected the agreement?" Wasn't it bogus to begin with?

If that were the case....

...but screw it let's keep bombing people, and getting our people killed at a 200:1 ratio...

Terms of the cease fire: Everybody stop bombing. Period.

Hamas rejected this because they reject a "return to the status quo".

The status quo which was relative peace for nearly the past 2 years.

They'd rather hold out til they an get Israel to concede something. That's the whole point. DUH.

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