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Pope Francis Admits He Stole Cross From Dead Priest

Pope Francis Admits He Stole Cross From Dead Priest


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OK, Pope admitted he stole a

OK, Pope admitted he stole a cross from a dead priest and repenting. Nobody got hurt personally by this. Now, does the Federal Reserve admit it stole $16 trillion from live American people for the last 100 years? No, it is continuing to steal under fancy schemes like QE, economic stimulus, etc.

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Yet, the Pope is trotted out...

as a deflection.

These people are real and these people are powerful.

This is a powerful deflection.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

That's wrong.

I can't think of any way to justify that action with the information we have.

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Lesston to the Christian finger waggers.

Thank God we are not God, who forgives all sins.

God only forgives those sins

for which we are truly sorry. Catholics know that in order to repent of stealing restitution must be made. Keeping the stolen goods is not repentance.

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How do you know he has not repented?

to make it to Pope and not go to confession? I would say not.

Bottom line is, it is not between you and the sinners, it is between God and the sinners. The Pope is a sinner.


However, he has kept the item. It is not clear if this was a story of repentance.