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Starve the Beast: Do Not Do Business With Comcast

We should starve The Beast every chance we get. "The Beast" is (a) government and (b) the crony corporations that live off government contracts and special privileges.

Comcast is one of those companies.

Here is someone who tried to cancel his service with Comcast and got hounded by a sales rep, who tried to make it extremely difficult to cancel the service.

No doubt, Comcast trains their reps to do this. Therefore, Comcast deserves to lose business.


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Hey then, I guess I should be more appreciative of being a customer of Cox. Another good thing, whenever there is a program or a dumb campaign to stop piracy(six-strikes rule, etc.), Time Warner and Comcast are always the first two to jump on the bandwagon. Cox stays hesitant every single time.

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Am a Time Warner Cable customer

No competition in sight, we are all stuck.

Rising rates, silly stupid packages.

Some here say turn it all off and I am starting to agree.

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They are the biggest media company in the world yet they are

rated as having the worst customer service. Go figure!


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of competition, monopoly, distracted population intent on killing the "enemy" contrived by corrupt politicians making money on war and strife

This, from a 20+ year registered Republican! Eyes wide open now.