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Hamas Didn't Reject a True Ceasefire, Israel did


Hamas was actually never consulted about this so called ceasefire. And it won't accept ceasefires that have no teeth, ones which Israel regularly breaks. Lastly, Israel, in its so called agreement to a ceasefire, did not agree to return the hundreds of Palestinians who were rounded up by the IDF in retaliation for the deaths of the three teens. You can't falsely accuse Hamas of something, round up prisoners, kill hundreds, wound thousands, destroy over a thousand homes, then expect the Palestinians to cry uncle. They have already been damaged too much to submit.

And do look at the graphic http://electronicintifada.net/sites/electronicintifada.net/f... which offers substantial support for Hamas's contention that Israel does not abide by ceasefires.

I don't support Hamas, I support Palestine. Hamas is not the issue. Israel started this mess by bombing Gaza in retaliation for the deaths of three teens. It also arrested hundreds of Palestinians, who had just been released in a prisoner exchange. Hamas only retaliated AFTER Netanyahu bombed Gaza. If you don't believe me, ask yourself if it makes sense to think that Hamas would have fired rockets onto Israel right after it had been accused of killing the three Israeli teens, especially if Israel had not yet retaliated for the killings. But Israel did retaliate, despite no evidence proving that Hamas was behind the killings. Hamas had nothing to gain from such a move.

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