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Need a GOOD laugh? (mature-PG13)

84 years old - funny

(shock at 2:00) :)



[warning: Please DO NOT click any 'ads' to install anything. Just wait for video to start. Thank you. Laugh freely! Enjoy! :)]

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You're born man or woman...

no amount of testosterone, estrogen or other pill/medication/supplement is going to make you the opposite. You were born into this world one or the other, period. If someone wishes to attempt changing their DNA, you'll need to do more than grow hair, get surgically altered and change your name from one legal fiction entity to another.

I'm not against someone doing as they wish with their body, especially if it aligns with their mental state of mind and emotive capacities for aligning themselves with how they see themselves, but I am against simply categorizing/compartmentalizing them into groups. Groups do not solve the individual's problems, they only serve to make those problems greater.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I want to grow up to be like that guy...

Hilarious. What a character.


part of your "it's ok to be transgender" programing they're rolling out. You see right thru their sh*t when you're awake.


Is it not ok...

to be what you are? It's not programming if it's already a known. If it's not ok for someone to be what they are, then we're all f^#$*@!


Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Your question.....

does not pertain to my post. I never gave any issue or value to 'transgenderism,' (if that's even a term). You just created a straw man. Good job.

Oh it doesn't?

"You see right thru their sh*t when you're awake."

I would say your statement implies a major issue with it?! You created the opportunity for a collective against those being who they are...good job.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I do not care what you sexual orientation is, what so ever.

I just don't want their crap push down our throats (no pun intended) and piped into my living room and into my kids head. Get it?

You being on DP, I know you know how they use media to manipulate.

Then stop watching it...

Get it?

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

it's your children too,


is it not okay to be transgender?

just curious

Not saying one way or another...

...just saying it's part of the agenda to destroy the family, blur the lines of gender and replace wholesome sex with porn. Like i said, "when you are awake......"

"We now return you to......


Howard Stern was all like,

Howard Stern was all like, "this guy needs to come on my show..."

Southern Agrarian