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Alabama GOP county chairman resigns after being arrested for growing marijuana

The chairman of the Alabama’s Cherokee County Republican Party resigned this week in the wake of his arrest last Friday for growing multiple marijuana plants on his property.

The Gadsden Times reported that 52-year-old John Loyd Ellis was arrested after a routine marijuana eradication operation spotted the plants from the air.


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What a shame.

I noticed a lot of the comments on 'The Raw Story' are Dems associating marijuana smoking with Dems, and the 'War on Drugs' as a Repub thing. It's interesting that most people are still caught in this two party paradigm. The strategy of divide and conquer still goes strong.

sonofroyrogers • an hour ago

I'm comin' from'69 here and Republicans are NOT cool enough to smoke pot. Rip the joint from their hands whenever you see one trying it."

How many here are registered Republicans who smoke pot?