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Who is Peter Thiel?: Bilderberg member and Ron Paul supporter

Libertarian, Ron Paul supporter, and yet worked for the CIA, Facebook, and is on the Bilderberg committee... is Peter Thiel a force for good?

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He is the Champion of the

He is the Champion of the Constitution, he often referred to himself as such. You don't have to like it. I stand with Ron, Restore the Constitution.

I care and maybe you should, too. Not knocking your post.

It is a good one! But, one can't help but question the obvious. Why close the comment section after one comment? What doesn't the writer want questioned, discussed or, perhaps, revealed? That goes to the heart of your post here and adds to the discussion you want to have.

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No one man makes the liberty movement

we are a collection of individuals. If Peter Thiel is using his money and influence to advance human liberty, then that is great. If he is covertly working against us, so be it. We just keep doing what we're doing. There are more important fish to fry, and this reminds me of the people who spend all of their time looking at tabloids. Sure, you're right about 10-20% of the time, but you're ignoring the glaring reality of injustice that is occurring in the open and distracting people.

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We have the US government openly and unapologetically murdering and imprisoning people and absconding trillions, but we're seeking a might-be enemy who is financing the spread of libertarianism?

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Propaganda piece

Written to drive division between the occupy movement and libertarians and/or Ron Paul'ers. It was completely closed to comments.
Don't give that website any traffic. It's one woman operating it and is most likely funded by the CIA given how nice it looks and this one woman writing this crap. You can tell by how the trash article is written that it is very decietful.
I can't see how the OP wouldn't see this before posting such crap on here.

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Aren't we all self-declared?

I'm pretty sure the ring of power and the rise of transhumanism doesn't start with donating to a Ron Paul campaign.

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I don't understand

I don't understand at all what you are trying to say. What are you sure about, and what are the reasons you are sure?

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Perhaps not sure, just counter-intuitive

The article painted Thel as a mustache-twirling villain who was seeking power by donating to Ron Paul and promoting (even controlling?) libertarianism and libertarians. The assertion seems pretty preposterous. It would be like a Christian investing in promoting atheism.

Just reading his list of achievements and endeavors, he generally seems like a force for good in the world. He could be a hero in an Ayn Rand novel along with Elon Musk.


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I agree

He could be a force for good, although maybe not... makes me question Elon Musk too.. Elon seems to be basing the success of his SpaceX on government contracts... that's definitely the opposite of any hero in Atlas Shrugged.


Why would Ron Paul's biggest donator also be on the Steering Committee of Bilderberg? The "Steering Committee" decides who gets in!

If it looks like a turd and smells like a turd... it most likely is Peter Thiel.

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