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Baptist Children and Family Services - Contracted to Run Immigration Camps Has Interesting Past

My husband heard Marsha "teh Blond" Blackburn explain on the local radio station yesterday what she saw in the immigration camp in Oklahoma. She nonchalantly mentioned that the whole thing was being contracted out by HHS and not run directly by our government. Following the money is always my first instinct in understanding the world around me.

After doing a little digging, I found that one of the big contractors was this thing called Baptist Children and Family Services, based in San Antonio, but operating globally. (Makes one want to check out a Franklin Coverup angle, no?) At this time, I have not investigated that angle.

What I did find on their website was past "crisis" that they helped with:

Major Responses
BCFS' Emergency Management Division has led or been a part of major national & international responses, including:

Haiti Earthquake
H1N1 Flu
Southeast Asia Tsunami
Texas Wildfires
Hurricanes Katrina & Rita
Hurricanes Dolly, Gustav & Ike
Eagle Pass Tornado
Yearning for Zion Ranch/FLDS Incident
Branch Davidian Incident

Now those last two listed raise the eyebrows. It turned out that the Zion Ranch deal was weird, but they really couldn't prove any wrong doing. But boy, these BCFS, who call themselves the brownshirts according to FoxNews, rounded them up and carted them off.

I'm not sure how they responded to the Waco - did they lovingly wrap the charred remains of the children to bury?

It would seem to me that this group is called out when these sticking unconstitutional situations require some plausible deniability.

Some links to explore:


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Interesting, thanks!

Makes you wonder...

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