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Is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes about US foreign policy?

Foreign policy is one of the most important topics for us who supported Ron Paul during his runs in 2008 and 2012. War is the health of the state. The director of the new Planet of the Apes film discusses how this movie is a reflection on today's conflicts.

In this podcast we discuss:

Is Planet of the Apes about Republican foreign policy? What are the consequences of appearing weak? What happens when we go to war too hastily? Does ape leader Caesar practice a foreign policy of Peace Through Strength?.

Rick Perry vs. Rand Paul.The governor of Texas called Paul an “isolationist” and the Kentucky senator struck back. Why are Republican war hawks so afraid of Rand Paul?

Why aren't there more black libertarians? Good question. We explore it!


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I think so...

but then again, our foreign policy is like something from planet of the apes.

I couldn't help but ask

myself this same question throughout the movie. Fantastic movie. I highly recommend to anyone who has not seen it.

It definitely has a

It definitely has a libertarian flavor don't you think?

Definitely. Just saw it. The

Definitely. Just saw it. The makers of the movie definitely wanted the audience to leave thinking peace over war. GREAT movie by the way too.