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McDaniel Campaign Press Conference • full video • 7/16/14 •

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Unfortunately, this video

Unfortunately, this video doesn't work in my Firefox web browser via HTML5.

Although the problem persists with Firefox, I found another way to view the video. Indeed, every candidate should be allowed to view the voting materials without obstruction to ensure the integrity of the election.

I really appreciated the attorney naming Priebus as part of the problem. It's great to see a candidate stand on principle!

So glad to

see this after watching all those crooked RP runoffs.

Enjoyed it...

I imagine it's just as bad everywhere else.

"The Cochran Campaign,

"The Cochran Campaign, through their Race Baiting, and let me tell you something this is United States Senators. This is coming from the top down, took Mississippi back 50 years in race relations."

Thank you so much for