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US / Mexico Border Near Campo, California

My wife and I toured the US / Mexico border around 2006 while we lived in California. Given our current illegal immigration crisis, I thought I'd share these photos with you. What you see here is our actual border. Forget about the TSA and their little blue gloves and politely queued checkpoint lines you've experienced while travelling. That's just the fake security our government puts on for show.

Browse the photos below, you'll get a taste of the real deal.

Minuteman post with spotting scope at Patriot Point, adjacent to the border and the highest ground for several miles. USA territory is on the left.

Campo, California. 55 miles east of San Diego, and where the border fence ends.

The steel border fence is typically repaired by American volunteers, since the Border Patrol has no funds for upkeep. Still, numerous entry points are visible even in this small section.

A solitary American flag affixed by the Minutemen to the fence, with Mexico stretching to the horizon beyond.

Illegal border crossers tie cloth to their feet to obfuscate their tracks as they make entry into our country.

In some places, the border fence is only waist high.

In some places, the border fence is not even a fence, just a horizontally mounted pole.

Here is one section where the border fence ends.

The fence abruptly ends, marking the spot where money and political will could no longer justify construction.

A solitary border patrol vehicle, with an overwhelmingly large area to monitor.

Here the border fence is split where a large boulder interfered with sound construction.

Another gap in the fence.

Mexico stretches to the horizon beyond the fence gap. The whole area on the Mexico side is completely controlled by drug lords, who have total control over all drug and human smuggling.

Needles are scattered all over. Smugglers inject speed or meth so they can run for miles and quickly get beyond the immediate border area.

Yet another place where the border fence just ends...

And then picks up again....

Driving along the dirt road along the border, countless gaps exist in the fence and have been exploited countless times.

Yet another location where the fence just ends.

Here's a location where Mexican nationals were actually just driving their cars right through, so Minutemen and local ranchers erected some steel poles as makeshift barriers.

Patriot Point, in Campo, California. Our flag flies proudly on this high ground where Minutemen assist our border patrol in spotting illegal border crossers.

While these photos represent only a tiny fraction of our border, I hope it helps you to understand the scope of the issue we face.

After reading the comments on this thread, I thought some clarifications would be in order.
1) Dr. Paul does not support a border fence. Symbolically, I agree a border fence does not represent the idealism which best describes America. Or, at least America as I think of her.
2) Border fences do work if the measure of success is to reduce unwanted crossings. Objectively, it is well documented that illegal San Diego border crossings were reduced well over 90% when the fence was erected.
3) Border fences do not work if the measure of success is 100% impenetrability. Objectively, it is well documented that border fences all over the world have been breached by creative, motivated individuals.
4) A border fence can have a dual role. For example, we have military bases all over the country which have fences. A military base relocated to the border could have miles and miles of fences which safeguard both our military base as well as our country, and I think would be acceptable to a vast majority of Americans.
5) TSA strip searching grandmothers and children before air flights in the name of "safety" is patently absurd, given the obvious penetrability of our southern border.

I agree there is no easy solution to our border crisis. Personally, I have deep respect for The Good Doctor and tend to side with his opinions even if they are contrary to my own. He has proven to be the wisest person to pass through Washington in a long time and has earned my respect a thousand times over.

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Maybe, we should confine the

Maybe, we should confine the federal government to ownership of the District of Columbia and return confiscated property in national parks which border foreign nations to private ownership.

I laugh at the proponents of open, unrestricted borders. The tactic employed is always disingenuous fearmongering. The ultimate goal of "securing the border" should be a balance between slowing illegal traffic and cost. Reducing entitlements, returning federal lands bordering foreign nations to private ownership, erecting fences, employing surveillance technology like FLIR, profiling, and allowing the Border Patrol to do their damn jobs are reasonable efforts to secure the border.

I've worked livestock in rocky country as depicted in these photographs. Shod horses quickly lose their shoes and travel is difficult for both beast and humans in such areas so one continuous fence wouldn't likely be necessary to secure the border. Natural elements can handle parts of securing the border just fine. ;)

From these photographs, it's obvious that much more work needs to be done on erecting and repairing fences in suitable places which does NOT translate into the construction of another Great Wall of China ... ROFL ... ;)


"I laugh at the proponents of open, unrestricted borders."

what does that mean? you are going to laugh at someone who suggests that humans, like all things in nature, are free to travel this world, unrestricted?

"The tactic employed is always disingenuous fearmongering." seriously, wtf are you talking about? the people who want open borders use fear mongering?

are you serious? ... the people who suggest that we close borders are the fear-mongerers.. people who say to open the borders don't use fear as the reason that we should open the borders... but the people who suggest we close them use fear all day long as their justification for it. they say... close them "or else" ... nobody says open them "or else"...

close them or else we'll all lose our jobs.
close them or else we'll lose our money
close them or else..

also, are the borders closed or open right now?
how can people scare you into opening something that is already opened or closing something that is already closed.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

It's about property rights, not fear mongering


America is like Disneyland. If somebody climbs the fence you don't respond by giving them a lifetime pass with free medical care and food.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

"And people still got across."


Border Between East and West Germany - Best Fence Ever Built

Please more about the fence at:


a diagram of the fence:


and some features of this fence:

"Protective strip

On the other side of the signal fence lay the heavily guarded "protective strip" (Schutzstreifen), 500 to 1,000 metres (1,600 to 3,300 ft) wide, which adjoined the border itself.[56] It was monitored by guards stationed in concrete, steel and wooden watchtowers constructed at regular intervals along the entire length of the border. Nearly 700 such watchtowers had been built by 1989;[57] the larger ones were equipped with a powerful 1,000-watt rotating searchlight (Suchscheinwerfer) and firing ports to enable the guards to open fire without having to go outside.[58] Their entrances were always positioned facing towards the East German side, so that observers in the West could not see guards going in or out. Around 1,000 two-man observation bunkers also stood along the length of the border.[58] ...

A "third-generation" fence, much more solidly constructed, was installed in an ongoing programme of improvements from the late 1960s to the 1980s. The fence line was moved back to create an outer strip between the fence and the actual border. The barbed-wire fences were replaced with a barrier that was usually 3.2–4.0 metres (10–13 ft) high. It was constructed with expanded metal mesh (Metallgitterzaun) panels. The openings in the mesh were generally too small to provide finger-holds and were very sharp. The panels could not easily be pulled down, as they overlapped, and they could not be cut through with a bolt- or wire-cutter. Nor could they be tunnelled under easily, as the bottom segment of the fences was partially buried in the ground. In a number of places, more lightly constructed fences (Lichtsperren) consisting of mesh and barbed wire lined the border.[59] The fences were not continuous but could be crossed at a number of places. Gates were installed to enable guards to patrol up to the line and to give engineers access for maintenance on the outward-facing side of the barrier.[59]

In some places, villages adjoining the border were fenced with wooden board fences (Holzlattenzaun) or concrete barrier walls (Betonsperrmauern) standing around 3–4 metres (9.8–13.1 ft) high. Windows in buildings adjoining the border were bricked or boarded up, and buildings deemed too close to the border were pulled down. The barrier walls stood along only a small percentage of the border – 29.1 kilometres (18.1 mi) of the total length by 1989.[61]

Anti-personnel mines were installed along approximately half of the border's length starting in 1966; by the 1980s, some 1.3 million mines of various Soviet-made types had been laid.[65] In addition, from 1970 the outer fence was booby-trapped with around 60,000 SM-70 (Splittermine-70) directional anti-personnel mines. They were activated by tripwires connected to the firing mechanism. This detonated a horn-shaped charge filled with shrapnel that was sprayed in one direction along the line of the fence. The device was potentially lethal to a range of around 120 metres (390 ft). The mines were eventually removed by the end of 1984 in the face of international condemnation of the East German government.[66]"

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Not much has changed

I used to live down near Campo some 20 years ago. I taught science at Rancho del Campo -- which is the juvenile detention center right there at the intersection of the Pacific Crest Trail and the border. They put the dangerous ones out there because they figure the terrain is too rough for them to get very far if they escape. It's a no weapon facility. The ones who law enforcement suspect might be runners don't get sneakers, but flip-flops instead.

I was on the volunteer fire department. The Mexican kids would come across just about every day in the summer to set brush fires on the American side. They loved to watch the fire trucks come in. Most of the little fires they set were around the Tecate POE, which was supposedly secure. Yeah, right.

Keep up the good work,

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"Graphic" is an euphemism.

"Graphic" is an euphemism.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Anyway, thank you.

Anyway, thank you.

At least, now I know where to head to, should we ever have to get out of the Dodge quietly! ;)

Still, I hope we won't (have to).

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Some things don't change.

The Great China Wall worked. However, someone, perhaps bribed, opened the gate. The US Chamber of Congress is bribing Congress to leave this wall in this condition. Some things don't change.

Here is what real security looks like...

When you can SAFELY travel this freeway from country to country, then we all have "Secure borders"


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Only one thing to say:

Only one thing to say:

If you don't mind, I'd warmly recommend you guys share and spread your photos far and wide, throughout all the liberty-leaning (if any) printed press (local and/or national) and also the online press / social media you can come across.

(pun unintended)

Never too late to denounce the complete farce this administration and accomplice boob tube-MSM are.

Don't miss to throw them at Congress' face, also, with requests (demands?) for their comments.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

I'm the wife...leaning over

I'm the wife...leaning over the waist-high border fence...

I'm mostly posting just to bump this...but I wanted to say that the experiences we had at the border left us with a complete understanding of just how porous the border is. Make no mistake -- the border is wide open. It always has been this way, which makes a few things abundantly clear: 1) the gov't was lying every time it said the borders were secure before this current mess , 2) the TSA groping people in airports to prevent terror is laughable with this border so terrorist-friendly, and 3) there will be another terrorist attack (or a false flag, blamed on terrorism) with a border this unsecured.

Unfortunately, this administration and media will characterize anyone doing minuteman duty on the border as heavily armed, militia-type terrorists. But, I hear Jim Gilchrist wants to start up The Minutman Project again. The hubby and I live on the northern border now, in MI, so we aren't near enough to volunteer anymore, but anyone else who's near & interested should check into it.

(Edited for spelling)

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Digital Broadcasting?

Amen ...

I have a favor to ask.

I'd appreciate permission to broadcast these pictures digitally on my LPAM station. Since the transmission speed of MFSK-64 is fairly low, the photographs will need to be re-sized to ~ 640x480 pixels for broadcasting. Other than re-sizing for broadcasting, no alteration will be made to the original photographs except for the name of the copyright holder if desired. I plan on using the photographs to expose my federal representatives as charlatans once I inquire about their support of the TSA and secure borders. I'm willing to broadcast the name of the copyright holder of these pictures as well if so desired. I simply want to expose my local political charlatans for being party hacks instead of obeying their oaths to protect and defend the US Constitution.


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Sure no problem....

Please feel free to use these photos to increase awareness of our porous border, and cite The Daily Paul as the independent news outlet where they were first publicly posted.

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
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I will do exactly as you

I will do exactly as you request. Instead of modifying the photographs individually, I'll broadcast an accompanying text transmission citing the Daily Paul as the independent news outlet where the pictures were first publicly posted.


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Interior "borders" more secure than exterior!

Driving home this evening, I noticed a contrast between the pictures I had seen this morning, and the images entering my brain. So I recorded a couple of them.

It appears that our country's external border is less secure than the "border" between north-bound and south-bound I-95!

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Minutemen, Let's do it


Let's do it again! Let's secure that border as much as possible. Use FLIR if necessary.

Thank you!

We need more individuals like yourself who live along...

the border and are concerned to patrol. People protecting their own property.

That's some pretty country. I bet it'll look like shit if the State has their way with it.

You've pointed out that the State is ineffective. What makes you think anything will change if more legislation gets passed by those same folks?

They'll destroy your land. Look what they did at Bundy's place.

Like the old saying goes - Watch what you ask for because sometimes you'll get it. And, when it's the government doing the giving, in which end does one usually get it?

The real shitty thing about it is that, if you get your way, and the State establishes a very large border presence, I doubt you'll be allowed to be out there where you are now taking pictures. They'll probably run you off.

Beautiful pictures, however.

hm. now i feel bad for the ones who get caught


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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


Thanks so much for sharing! A real eye-opener!

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." Matthew 12:25

And thank you for letting me know about this post!

Bump! (for more attention from our community)

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Bump again

You're welcome Nonna :)

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." Matthew 12:25