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Are You Okay?

I ask because I care. You are always on my mind, America.

Things are getting rough. It is getting more difficult to come home after work and enjoy the evening. Negativity, bad news, false truths, and true lies dominate the Internet and mainstream news media.

America is not happy.

Division Bells keep ringing Hell's Bells, and America's enemies are lovin' it like a Big Mac.

America's enemies feed off of our bad vibes.

The Internet and the MSM have a lot more in common than people think.

I'm starting to think that the Internet is just as culpable as the MSM.

You read it on the Internet, or you saw it on Television.

Does that make what you read or saw true?

What is true is that most people don't know what is true, nor do they know what is false.

Has anybody here ever thought they knew the truth, and then found out a few years or more later that what you thought was true turned out to be...not true?

The Dow finished up 77 points today, and hit an all time high.

Is that real, or is it not?

I honestly don't know. All I know is that I don't really know.

It worries me when people get so locked in to one thing and then profess to know more about the truth than everybody else.

I'm alright, but not okay.

It's not depression, nor is it a sick feeling. It is a feeling of worry that consumes me.

I worry about my loved ones, my business, etc., but what worries me the most is the future of America.

I love America. I seriously dislike our inept, bloated government.

But I will not hate! (Thank you, Michael.)

Jesus did not hate, He loved his enemies.

As many of you know, I like to equate feelings with music.

Elvis Presley keeps knocking on my mind's door tonight, louder than ever.

Was Elvis singing about America?

I don't know, maybe he was.


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I worry too much as well, I

I worry too much as well, I have been stressed out since my parents split when I was 6, if I really think hard about it. Technically things have been steadily getting better for me the past year, so I worry about that all collapsing somehow.

I am 33 and I seriously doubt my ticker will hold out till age 65. Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be ignorant and blissful. Not that I consider myself a genius or anything, but dumb people seem to have less worry and don't see much past the moment. Maybe that's just my own perception though. Truth is addictive, and I can't turn it off even when it's negative.

Wow, I was thinking the same

Wow, I was thinking the same thing about my ticker this morning.

I care too much to the point of complete worry. When I wake up in the middle of the night to take a leak, I wonder and worry about my family. Are my mom and dad okay? Are my brothers and friends okay?

I'm addicted to what's real (the truth) too. But I also realize that the truth can be dangerous, and hazardous to one's own health.

On my 35th birthday, I woke up and found a gray hair on my nut.

I laughed. If I didn't laugh, I would cry.

The truth is...quite funny, or very sad - depends upon how one deals with life. There really is no happy medium between the two.

I choose laughter over the sadness.

If there was ONE THING I wished from the Daily Paul community, it would be for people to have more fun and laugh at the crazy world we live in today.

This website/forum full of freedom lovers is so ripe full of jokes that have never been told......because we are all too busy being sad.

Laugh at the devil, and he will flee from thee.

"Does anybody remember laughter?"

One is the, "sinner," and the other is the, "Saint."

Who's the better person?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I don't worry too much about

I don't worry too much about death or getting physically old. In my young 30's I am already seeing the trajectory of things physically. I can't drink a bunch of booze and bounce back the next day. I feel like my endurance is lower, but on the upside, my short bursts of brute strength are greater. My 33 year old self now, would crush my 23 year old self in an arm wrestling match.

Isn't it amazing how so much

Isn't it amazing how so much has changed in 10 years?

I have changed so much from the time I was 25.


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Upon further research I now

Upon further research I now believe I have acquired what they call "dad strength", lol.