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E-book Act

The E-book act that is making it's way through Congress will give grants to pilot programs at colleges and/or universities to help decrease the amount of money spent on books by undergraduates.

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Congress has no business in these matters...

My advice to undergraduates is to get on Amazon and buy the next newest edition of the book cheap and, if needed, make copies of the problem sets from a classmate that purchased the most current one.

I've gotten some books for under $10 that way.

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Or just borrow the newer edition for a night ...

... and cross-reference the problems to the older edition. Good profs may even do this for the class.

I've found that the publishers usually just slightly re-arrange the problems (and the chapters), apparently for the sole purpose of killing the used book market.

Google is government.

about 8 years ago I ordered a few books on amazon

and spent 2 months taking classes waiting for my books to arrive, because I selected "super saver shipping"

that was the last time I ever made that mistake.

Sure enough...

If the class is drawing near or has already started, it's likely worth ponying up a few extra FRNs for quicker shipping.