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FLASHBACK - This Video Changed My Life: 'Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming'

FLASHBACK - This Video Changed My Life: 'Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming'

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjBoAQw7bgo

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The fog cleared away

I too was swayed by this ad.

Oh, thank you for that!

I just love it!

Loved it then, love it now.

That was one of the many videos I shared with friends, but alas - most were sleeping and still are. A few were ready for a change in perspective and saw the light. Those are still awake today.

The ending:
"Stop Dreaming... Restore the Republic"
Brings a tear to my eye ;-)

This is the video that woke me up:

I watched it all start to finish, then ran to get my wife... suggested she watch it all right now, she did. Two more awake that day. ;-)

He was our only hope

He was our only hope

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He still is.

He still is.

Keyword: "message".

Here's for some pieces of hard evidence and actually in the news :


'Just need to give time to time.

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