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34,000 Sold Up The River: Human Rights Traded for Profit in the US, Corporate Fascism Rears its Ugly Head

Barack Obama's administration, oddly enough, has deported almost two million undocumented immigrants. This is more than any of his predecessors, and many of these people will spend time in a detention center. There is no difference between the way a convicted criminal and a simple immigration charge are treated, they are all held in the same place. Private companies run most of the centers, which the BBC's Franz Strasser was sent to Georgia to investigate:

for the BBC video, and more :


The hypocrisy of this administration knows no bounds...

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There's nothing like...

creating criminals out of innocent people. good ol USA!

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

That's the truth, and

*They do it here too:

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