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They're Desperate. Showing Up Now Like a Barium Dye.

Remember when Ron Paul said that if we don't give out subsidies to illegal aliens, it would send a message? What if we are sending that message?

You know how there are days when you wake up and something comes to you or an idea hits when you least expect it? When you have an idea what the plans are, you kind of expect the actions by those promoting them. Something came to me this morning.

What actions have we been seeing in the news maybe a week or so? Desperation. That's what I see. This thought started with the luxury hotel that is supposed to be purchased for $50 million of American tax payer money. The question was why. And it dawned on me! Bribery. It sends a message to the illegals ("You will be pampered if you come here.")

So then I started thinking of all the actions that have been occurring recently. We have the inundation of twitter messages yesterday that "America's Doors Are Open", the resort pictures, The propaganda in Israel/Gaza, & CISA which will give major powers to the federal government to clamp down on whistleblowers. It all started looking like desperation. Suddenly, it occurred to me that if they are desperate, they are not winning. Is that possible?

Then I started thinking of even more. The talk is still going about the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is a trade agreement on steroids that will essentially benefit no one but corporations & take away our sovereignty. And we know that basically, central banks profit from manipulating interest rates. They steal from everybody; corrupt to the core. The banks and corporations are in bed with the U.S. government. The dollar was only worth about 2 cents of it's original worth back in October, 2012; who knows where it is now. We also know that Lou Dobbs was reporting on CNN in 2006 that there was "a plan" to implement a "North American Union" similar to the Eurozone that would begin in 2010 (those videos are still on youtube). And we know that this is a debt based economy & the Federal Reserve basically cannot stop printing. Former Bear Stearns floor trader, Gregory Mannarino, even showed charts yesterday on youtube that show the Federal Reserve is printing money to purchase bonds to prop up the economy. It's all a façade.

Now the question remains of what is reality? Watch the actions of those supporting "fundamental change" in this country & you can see it. It's beginning to show up like a barium dye (kind of like that weekend during the 2012 election when just about every media entity lied or omitted information about Dr. Paul).

I woke up with a positive outlook this morning. I believe "We the People" may be winning. Those "in control" who think they have us hoodwinked, are wrong. They don't want Americans of every kind, shape, and color to go "behind the barn" to have civil discussion (but we're sneaking out anyway!). I think this is about the plans to collapse the dollar so a new fiat currency replaces it. In 2006 when I first heard about it, my first thought was 'how are they going to accomplish that without Congress & the American peoples' approval?" Then after discovering Dr. Paul, it dawned on me....collapse the currency we have now without the people knowing it's on purpose. Use every excuse in the book to spend. Devalue the dollar. It looks like their plans to fundamentally change our country as the dollar goes down is beginning to fail. I believe it because their actions are desperate.

This is reality. We have stories going out to the world about the illegals coming here. It's unfortunate but some have died with heat exhaustion. Some governors are turning them away. People aren't accepting them because we have economic problems of our own. This government can't take care of veterans but it can take care of illegal aliens?? These illegals are human beings. They are going through a lot of suffering with what has been done to them. They probably would've been better off in their home countries than what is happening to them. Most of us do not support what this government is actively doing in the illegal alien situation but at the same time we aren't heartless. The messages are going out that Americans are still armed. They are not supportive of these actions. Deportation is still possible on the table (at least if you read comment sections, that sense is there), some have drowned attempting to get over the border, etc. Even Honduran president said she was not happy that her immigrants were sent back "empty-handed." 20% of Honduras' GDP is money sent to them from immigrants in America.

I'm beginning to think the flood of immigrants these thugs in Washington D.C. were hoping for to implement their agenda is not happening like they wanted. I'm beginning to think that Obamacare would not have worked without the influx of aliens (call it a hunch). I'm beginning to think their "socialist utopia" is going to fail without the illegals. I believe now that we are very close to the collapse of the dollar because of all their actions. And because Americans have been standing up to all this (even a small amount of Americans), their plans are being stymied. That would explain the expensive resort to house illegal aliens, the Dems twitter rampage "America's Borders Are Open", CISA to stop whistleblowers (they must really be doing a number on their plans), and even the propaganda on Israel/Gaza. They can't get a war started.

It dawned on me what we have to do at this point. Keep sending messages of what happens to the illegals when they get here. Send messages that they are being lied to. Send messages that with the economic crisis at our doorstep, they actually would be better off in their home countries. Send messages that we are not anti-immigrant; that when things become better, they can make the attempt to become American later but do it legally. We are not a heartless nation. That is why we are so angry at what is being done. Force is not freedom & this is being foisted upon us. All these plans are putting a lot of people in a place that will be worse for them when this comes down. It's cruel. And we have to be thinking now about how to right this ship when it starts to sink. I believe the dollar is going to collapse completely and the Federal Reserve is going with it. Call me crazy but I woke up with a positive attitude this morning.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." - Samuel Adams

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Well written, and excellent

Well written, and excellent headline by the way. The term 'unaccompanied alien children' which as best I could tell, just popped up a few weeks ago. Is really a dig at anyone who believes in National Sovereignty, and secure borders. I have heard reports that on the news in Honduras, they are telling their people they may go to the U.S if they like. Some of these people don't even know it is illegal, they are so far away. This is a plot to bring America down. I wish these people would try to take their own countries back. But most of them are apolitical I think. These United States are not the only ones with 'sheeple'

Most are apolitical.

Is it not true that politics is participating in processes which are little more than referenda on stolen goods?

So these people are alienated from power to get something for nothing, i.e., plunder their neighbors. If you think about it, that is basically the situation. It's not necessarily the case that they are opposed to politics, i.e., getting in on the plunder. So they're probably only temporarily apolitical. They may have better prospects for theft here.

I certainly don't wish for them to pursue evil activities here nor there.

Even anarchy is a political

Even anarchy is a political position. Apolitical means apathetic. In my view, it might mean something else to you.


Thanks for mentioning CISA. I had forgotten about it. I guess I thought it was dead...
But I see Dianne Feinstein has revived it:

"The bill, introduced by senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) as a way to facilitate the sharing of information between the government and private firms, would grant corporations that voluntarily share information about the users of their services with law enforcement officials broad immunity for doing so."

Of note:

"The CISA letter charges that the bill gives government officials far greater freedom to collect data on citizens, while also reducing the public’s ability to see what those officials are doing by exempting all information the government would collect from companies under the legislation from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosure rules."


The "Illegal Immigration Issue" is certainly DC manufactured...

I agree with you that individual outreach and education is a good solution.

We can't depend on the State, however, for "solutions" - "solutions" which have likely been in their hip pocket the entire time. That's what must be avoided. This is all a sham - like usual. Set 'em up and knock 'em down. The "Border Crisis" is manufactured, and it would be silly to trust the same people who manufactured it to implement their "solutions" - not yours (speaking generally).

We are winning.