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What exactly is Zionism?

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Zionism: a club (religion is

Zionism: a club (religion is irrelevant) for the self-appointed elite of mankind (ie. the psychos and parasites) who want to rule and dictate to the world.

It just so happens that Judaism is handy camouflage for Zionists. Any exposure of Zionist lunacy is deflected by the magical spell: "anti-semitism". (Ironic, because Zionism is destroying Judaism.)

Israel isn't a Jewish state, it's a Zionist state cloaked as a Jewish state.

In Dr. Ron Paul's book,

In Dr. Ron Paul's book, Liberty Defined... he has a chapter dedicated to Zionism. A very good read


Biased CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer

A young Wolf Blitzer of CNN speaks about Israel/Zionism (1989)

Norman Finkelstein, a Jewish-American political scientist specializing in Jewish issues, tells Blitzer a little bit about history/reality and refutes his argument. Check Blitzer's expression at the end of the video.

The Hassidic community has always been active

against Zionism and few listen to them, preferring to cast them as a weird bunch of fanatics. But, once the message caught on outside of the Orthodox communities and more people came to understand what was happening, other voices rose up against Zionism, as well. Below is one voice that is opening up ears, minds and hearts. There are and have been others, too, like the late Jack Bernstein, the author of "The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel" (do a web search, if interested in the history).

Here is the "crash course on Zionism" I posted a while back:

Interesting video.

Interesting video.

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