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END of United States by end of 2017: 4 Star General Speaks out.

Well, I hope people are getting ready to go through this. Sure some of the naysayers will call BS on this. You are entitled to your opinion. I have listened to "V" for about 2 years now and he has been very accurate. Please listen to this and prepare accordingly.


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Nice to see they agree with me

In the post 'Poll: How long do we have?' I wrote, 'late summer onward, 2017.'

That was written October, 2013.


But I knew about in 1992. Just wasn't as sure about the timeframe.

And there will be a war that follows. A very bloody one. But there's something the feels unorganized about it. Chaotic. Maybe that's why it is so bloody. It will last a long time, too, unless... but very few here would want to know how to lessen its intensity and length.

If there's still access to the DP when it happens, maybe I'll be able to say more, maybe more will listen.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
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There are few people I pay

There are few people I pay special attention to, such as Jim Willie and V.

V stated weeks back the possibility of some sort of event on 7/17. Both Willie and V have track records of being right far more than wrong.

Let's hope the info from the General is one of the wrong times.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I guess V predicted right. 7/17

He predicted something big would happen 7/17. That was the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner.

Hugs from Chile.

My take on some of these…

…alleged high-ranking retired vets exposing one agenda or another is: some are probably military buffs and/or from military families who know a lot about the military (enough to sound credible to laymen) and they, like many of us, put all the pieces of the puzzle they have together, fill in the missing pieces with educated (sometimes) guesses and come up with very compelling theories.

Not calling BS in this case, but it's hard to tell sometimes and the same type of high-ranking vets, so-called insiders, or people with connections to anonymous insiders have said the end (or something very bad) was near 20 times a year since I woke up in 2004-2005.

I always take it with a grain of sand, continue to prepare (getting right with God being the largest part of that), within my means, as if it could be tomorrow, and ignore all of this stuff. I know the bad days are coming and that's really all I need to know since we don't know the form it will take.

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What exactly does this 4-star general

think an unrestrained U.S military, vets and law enforcement will be doing to rag-tag mercenaries once they are no longer bowed under white house command? Sitting on their hands? More like exacting ferocious vengeance for all the humiliation and betrayal they've swallowed all these years, and all the times they had to ignore their sworn oath to this country and the constitution for which it stands. ALONGSIDE all of us! How's that mercenary paycheck looking now?

How could mass illegal immigration on the current scale

Be anything but a setup. With the amount of firepower and authority each government agency is receiving...

Somehow all border security services have been entirely left out of the loop?

Not plausible. Which means it's a setup. When all other government agencies are arming to the teeth, funded through the ass and authorized to the nth degree...

The massive failure of an entire wing of government can only mean one thing: it's a setup.

Don't know how much stock I'd put in the rest of the presentation, except to say that it is interesting.

His points about drone pilots and the combat readiness of the gun owners of America are insightful and accurate in my estimation.

Its BS and can be proven.

There are about 100 possible such individuals https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_Air_Forc...
If assume story took place in last 10 years only about 50 such individuals.
Since story is about succession of Dempsey as Chief of staff then assume story took place in last 5 years (2010) and there are less than 40 possible individuals.

Find the one who:
-"went from major to four star with four years"
-"had [credit cards] for twenty years"-- hence at least 30
So any one with time can go through the list from bottom to top (they are alive) and see if thats true of any of them.

Names Date four star last date major general last date major
McDew 2014 2012 1997
Rand 2013 ? 2001
Gorenc 2013 2009 1994
Selva 2011 2008 1994
Carlisle 2012 2009 1993
Spencer 2012 2010 1992
Wolfenbarger 2012 2009 1993
Hostage 2011 2009 1990
Breedlove 2011 2008 1993
Shelton 2011 ? 1990
Welsh 2010 2008 1989
Rice 2010 2008 1986
Johns 2009 2004 1990
North 2009 2006 1990
Fraser 2009 2005 1990
Hoffman 2008 2005 1989
McKinley 2008 2006 1990
Fraser 2008 2005 1988
Lorenz 2008 2005 1988
Brady 2008 2004 1984
Chandler 2007 2002 1987
Kehler 2007 2003 1989
Lichte 2007 2003 1987
Renuart 2007 2004 1987
Chilton 2006 2005 1989
Hobbins 2006 2000 1986
McNabb 2005 2002 1989
Schwartz 2005 2000 1986

Everybody else has been retired since 2009


No one went from major to four star general in 4 years.
However going from major general to four star general in 4 years is typical if you count the last day of service as major general.
So under weakest contraints 21 Candidate sources:
McNabb (retired 2011)
Chilton (retired 2011)
Renuart (retired 2010)
Lichte (retired 2010)
Kehler (retired 2013)
Brady (retired 2011)
Lorenz (retired 2010)
Frasier (retired 2013)
North (retired 2012)
Rice (retired 2014)
Welsh (active)
Shelton (active)
Breedlove (active)
Hostage (active)
Wofenbarger (active)
Carlisle (active)
Selva (active)
Gorenc (active)
Rand (active
McDew (active)


Presumably the person retired in the last 1-2 years so that its 'news' so all retired 2012-2014 gives 4 names:

Frasier (retired 2014)-As Deputy Director for Military Support, he led an intelligence fusion organization providing direct support to Operation Enduring Freedom.

North (retired 2012)- seems to be Air-Sea Naval command. http://ajw.asahi.com/article/views/opinion/AJ201201170017

Rice (retired 2014)- Air Force Gen. Edward Rice Jr., who oversaw a makeover of basic training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland in the wake of a sex scandal there that triggered congressional hearings, retired Thursday.

Kehler (retired 2013)-He is currently responsible for the plans and operations for all U.S. forces conducting strategic deterrence and Department of Defense space and cyberspace operations

All of this BS is just BS

All of this BS is just BS

So likely candidate is Fraser because he did intelligence work.

Douglas Fraser III (retired 2014)-As Deputy Director for Military Support, he led an intelligence fusion organization providing direct support to Operation Enduring Freedom. was based in Langley and Scott airforce base.Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

second is Edward Rice
Rice had suspicious forced retirement and served Deputy Executive Secretary for the National Security Council. But officially does training was based in Texas.

the other two guys look like they aged out.

Every day

I think its the end. I really don't know when it is going to happen but it will eventually.

I just said F it. I'll stay prepped just in case but I am going to enjoy life until it happens.

I will still speak out and fight the system until the day I die.

there is hope

... and you are it

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
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So many Beers,

So little time.

To my Liberal Trolls:
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Ian Anderson 1972

I'll have to watch "Running

I'll have to watch "Running Man" again. In the opening scenes, was the date 2017 or 2019? I can't remember...


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Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I hope the DP is still around

I hope the DP is still around in 2018, so I can dredge back up this thread.


We still have 3 years! That's great news....

For Freedom!
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I know America will come to

I know America will come to an end, all Empires do, but if I had a dime for every End of America prediction I'd be able to buy some gold.

Air Force -

Maj. to 4 star Gen. in four years ?
asymmetrical warfare ?
FISA Contract ?

Operation Northwoods - This is nothing new -

The Uncertainty Principle
Ground Hogs
Romans 4:7
snake eggs

I can't tell you who told me but he is a clerk at the 7-11 on grant street and he heard from a cab driver that picked up a fare at the econo lodge that a fire alarm was pulled in the basement of the high school even thou no class was in session at the time.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!


I found a dead frog in my greenhouse.
It was on it's back.
This is a really bad sign and has something to do with 7.