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John F. Kennedy- Rev. Martin Luther King JR- Gandhi-Jesus Christ

What do all these people have in common? If Rand gets elected you know he is going to join the club. It saddens my heart to even think of it, but you know the State is going to eliminates anyone what gets in the way of corporate profits and the NWO. I feel...

Rand should continue unplugging people from the State and before it gets time to announce for presidency drop out of politics and refer his voter capital to his father. Ron is a much better speaker now from a couple years ago and really knows how to resonate with people. The only reason i say this is because which ever one gets elected will not be here for long. Ron is much older and Rand still has a lot of unplugging to do. I don't think this is crazy talk either even though i am crazy.

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Yes decapitation has been used to stifle the liberty minded.

But a movement that has no leader but looks of liberty will keep moving towards it.

Fear, uncertainty and despair are the real enemies.

Free includes debt-free!