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Monsanto tries to hustle the citizens of Missouri to forever protect itself from anything via the Right to Farm Bill

Monsanto paid big money to various legislators in Missouri to put on the ballot, a Constitutional Amendment that would make it virtually impossible to stop Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) from ever being outlawed or stopped in the state of Missouri. Under the disguise of the personal right to farm and protect gardens, the Missouri legislature passed this scam to be sent for a vote of the people. The government does not give you a right to anything, once you allow the government to create a right you have lost your rights. In addition to the trickery, the ballot language is different than the actual law in wording and meaning.

the actual law is as follows:

No law shall be enacted which abridges the right of farmers and to employ agricultural technology (This means GMO's) and modern livestock production and ranching practices.

This is a Constitutional Amendment to the Missouri Constitution and would be very hard to repeal.


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SO the government won't stop the farmers from

growing GMO's and cloned sheep.

Consumers have to make the market.

Eat your GMO'S and shutup

you have no right to know what's in it, The Government gave GMO's GRAS status long ago. Don't you trust your government to protect your health?

Something really stinks about this, because farmers already have a right to grow what ever they want. Is this going to be linked with other laws to force all organic farmers out? Are there going to be GMO police knocking at your door to confiscate all organic seed?

It also could mean Monsatan is under tremendous pressure to resolve the massive Honeybee deaths. They could be trying to protect themselves from any regulations aimed at them for killing off the Honeybees.

Surviving the killing fields of Minnesota

Todays brainwashing: GMO's are safe

Monsanto as a Corporation might of got the worst publicity

last year with THE PEOPLE'S organization and voices.

kind people rock

Joe, I noticed this is from

Joe, I noticed this is from 2013, what is the status now?

Stonewall this is going to be on the August ballot

thereballots here is a growing backlash against the so called right to farm.

Looks like it would basically let huge corporate farms do whatever they want with no way to stop them, like the largest pork farm in the US now owned by a Chinese company, of course Monsanto and the ability of them to patent crops and basically corner the market on the food supply etc.

The ballot language is easy going and different for the actual law, which makes it a scam and is something they are trying to trick the Missouri people with on the vote.

Though the story was from 2013

The "Right to Farm" legislation will be put to the voters on the November 2014 ballot.

I just drove through

Jefferson City. Took pictures of the Capital dome. Nasty deception.

Big ol'


no doubt

If you are growing a non-GMO crop in your field and pollen blows onto a Mosanto GMO patented crop field and contaminates it, you can be sued for interfering with Mosanto or a Monsanto farmers right to practice "modern" farming. Farmers in Canada have already been sued for this.