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It is becoming clearer to me

I've always been a little slow but I am coming to realize what is coming.

I'm not sure how I feel about the flood of immigrants coming through the border and I always try to put the shoe on the other foot.You know, what if you were in a desperate situation and the only thing preventing you from having a better life is just over that wall to the north.

That being said, I am reading reports of government dropping off hundreds of these people in cities around the USA. Who knows if it's true but if you want to read about it go to Drudge, he can tell you all about it.

What I find interesting and leading into this epiphany of sorts, we know that the general American sentiment is anti-immigration ( at least in my circles around here) . Then I recall reading a litany of headlines over the past 5 years how virtually every federal department right down to the weather service is stock piling ammo. I also can see the heavily armored units in the local municipalities ......

Are you seeing the picture?

Years of arming government agencies = stacking up the dry wood
Anti- Immigration sentiment = fuel for the fire ( among other issues)
Dispersing large groups of immigrants around the county = the match

The part I fear is what they use for the water hose to extinguish the flames?

Just thinking out loud


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Someone made this observation to me also, especially

the opportunity to indoctrinate children who in the future may be the gun confiscators.

kind people rock

And the money is about to collapse!

Sequentially they will enable these operations to bring about an emergency state and “Martial Law”


They All Should Be Offered a Ride ...

... on big yellow school buses and taken to Washington, DC. There they can be escorted to each congressperson's office and introduced to the people most responsible for their free and unfettered entry into the land of milk, honey and welfare. :)

It seems like the tempo of

It seems like the tempo of events goes up a notch every month or so.

It's getting difficult to keep up with it while holding down a job and caring for your family.

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Do you think the 100s of people

they are dropping off are not children, but armed militants or some kind of fighting force? If they are just your average disease laden, resource sucking illegals, I doubt Americans have the will to protest (not that there aren't people doing it, but I'm saying not enough Americans will protest to make any difference.)

Considering the millions of illegals already here, why does 20,000 more matter?

How do waves of immigrants coming here create the civil unrest? I seem to be missing a piece of the puzzle. And by the way, I do believe that our government is ready for large scale trouble (which they will create).

Nothing wrong with thinking out loud..

That's where I have my best conversations. You are absolutely correct with your assumptions I believe. At some point I drop completely off the net and "disappear". It's almost time to break out the popcorn I've been hoarding.

It seems this has been in the works

For a long time and they know exactly what they are doing.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.