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Dark Journalist: UFOs Are Real! Military Whistleblower Niara Isley


Join Dark Journalist and former USAF Sergeant Niara Isley for a fascinating in-depth discussion of her terrifying and transformative experiences as a UFO and Military Abductee (MILAB).

Together they will recount her earth-shattering encounters with the Grey aliens and their experiments to develop alien/human hybrid children using her as an unconscious vehicle!

Also how the military recruited her into a trauma-based mind control program that gave her access to reverse-engineered extraterrestrial craft and a secret off-world space program located on the moon.

Niara Isley's journey through the covert world of alien contact and top secret military UFO programs will make you totally reconsider the official reality on the truth about extraterrestrials and the fantastically advanced technology they possess.

After listening to this interview and reading her new book "Facing the Shadow Embracing the Light" you may never look at space, aliens and the military the same way again!

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Looking in the wrong place

I'm always underwhelmed by simplistic notions of aliens. It's interesting these things called "aliens" look and act so familiar (two eyes, two legs, conduct science experiments, fly in a ship, etc). I submit that the most strange and alien places are in inner space, not outer space. Sending out radio signals in search of alien life is like searching the universe for a good Italian restaurant.

If this subject interests you I recommend the research of the man in the hyperlink. Shamanism, hyperspace, the logos, ancestors, such interesting work he did.


The evidence suggests that the aliens are humanoid in appearance although with different characteristics, Big head, large eyes etc,. Now you or I may feel that it's too simple an explanation but over and over again the descriptions are humanoid of various types.

I have a book called

I have a book called Reflections in the Night in which the author describes her tortured childhood as a 'subject' in all types of experiments. She was used as a 'grey' to deceive unwitting subjects. People truly believed they had been abducted by aliens, when in reality they were being tricked. Just my 2 cents.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

Flower child

Why is it everyone that's been abducted were "flower children" from the 1960's?
Why are people "not" being abducted today?
Also...If these Aliens are so damn advanced, why can't they just "create" whatever genetics they need...you know, borrow a little DNA from every other living thing?
Why do they need humans?
What's so special about a select group's DNA?
I do not believe this lady...she was "exposed" to this as a child and it had an impressionable impact on her.
Where are all the witnesses to all these abductions?

Because the Greys have learned much about us.

They've gotten much better at what they do. You know, messing with cows and crops and such.

My name is John Loengard. I'm sending this message because I may not live through the night. They're here, they're hostile and powerful people don't want you to know.

Dark Skies

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul


Well alien abduction is still happening now. And as for abductees being flower children, the most widely known early case (1961) is that of Betty and Barney Hill who were born in the 1920s. Not exactly Hendrix-loving, acid dropping love children, she was a social worker and he was a mailman.

Social worker, eh

So, because I'm a social worker or a mailman means I didn't try a little acid back in the day?
Maybe they were listening to that funky Elvis dude singing Hound Dog.
Can you give me some recent abductions? Names/Places/Etc. if they're still happening. Why are there no good vids. showing UFO's? This has always puzzled me...especially now that everyone on the planet has a device to record...I guess those aliens got wise and "cloaked" their vessels...Huh?

There are too many to count

There are endless good videos on UFOs but the media generally doesn't pay attention so neither does the public.

Try these for a start:



Want good abduction cases? Try this overview:


omg she has cherokee eyes!!!!

omg she has cherokee eyes!!!!

Anything else?

Any other comments on the video?

reply to earlier comment

reply to earlier comment

They Are Real Space Vehicles

The reality is these flying objects belong to the International Space Federation which has been in existence before Trumans Majestic 12...

Obama, Bush Jr. and Clinton have traveled to the moon several times to witness the vast mineral deposits there...

While there, Bill and Barack met their future wives, Hillary and Mike (Michelle) there..

MIND BLOWING)Lockheed Skunkworks employee speaks out "Technology from Extraterrestrials"

SECRET UFO Propulsion Systems - Senior Lockheed Martin Research Scientist - Boyd Bushman SPEAKS OUT

S4 V2 - VP Dick Cheney Inspects Captured UFOs

Testimony Of Dying CIA Official 2013, About UFO's And The Extraterrestrial reality


Extraterrestrial UFOs Are Real : Ben Rich Lockheed Skunk Works Director
Discussion in 'Technology & Science' started by OrionHunter, May 2, 2014.

"That's Classified" Air Force UFO Secrets Revealed by Mike Schratt







Nazi moon base and secret space program

UFO with BMW Engine!

UFO-Flying Saucer Engine-how it works

Of Course UFO's Are Real; Just Ask Mulder and Scully

This has been well documented here (see: http://x-files.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page ). :)

Nose Touch Scratch: Lying Tell

She has an itchy nose touch @ 2:33-2:35 when she says her abduction experiences started in California then continued in Ohio.

The start of this vid, already she seems to be lying.

Hillary Clinton Lying About Libya On Face the Nation



I thought you scratched your nose when it was itchy...

Yes, but when lying:

1. Nose touch: We have erectile tissues in our noses, which engorge with blood when we lie. This causes a tingling or itching sensation that requires a nose touch to satisfy. The absence of a nose touch doesn't guarantee truth, but the presence of a nose touch often means deception. Of course, sometimes a person will touch his or her nose because of a non-deceptive cause, such as a cold. With some practice, you can quickly learn to distinguish a deceptive nose touch from something innocent.



Good ole entrepreneur...

Erectile Tissue in the Nose: Nasal Concha


Turbinates are composed of pseudostratified columnar, ciliated respiratory epithelium with a thick, vascular, and erectile glandular tissue layer.

The basis for her entire story, is that she was abducted by aliens. That is the crux. But she is almost guaranteed to be lying - the Nose Scratch is the Tell. Compare with Hillary Clinton's Nose Scratch when lying about Libya.

So then Pinocchio

had some basis in fact. Cool.

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I love this place for insights like this!


I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

Going to really play devil's

Going to really play devil's advocate here. Like super devil's advocate. What if they programmed her to do that when talking about this kind of stuff? Her whole premise is based on her being recruited into a mind control program. .

It's a complicated game. Gotta love the rabbit hole.


But possibility isn't automatically guaranteed actuality.

I have seen an other-worldly UFO as a child, another UFO that could have been from Earth or extraterrestrial in origin, and I have had a few other extremely weird Alien/UFO related experiences I haven't yet written about.

I am of the belief that UFOs - other-worldly UFOs - are real. I also am of the belief that intelligent alien species are likely existing elsewhere in our own galaxy, and many more existing elsewhere in other galaxies.

Secret Mind Control programs are real, and not just the cover story publicly acknowledged programs:

"We were just trying to make our agents able to keep secrets if captured behind enemy lines, that's all MK-ULTRA was or is. There were no subprojects or other secret projects, Mind Control is the past! The government never lies! Intelligence files don't ever get classified indefinitely. Projects are never kept secret. Files never get 'lost' or destroyed. Cover-ups don't happen. We're 100% transparent. Conspiracy Theorist!"

I started watching, as I like Dark Journalist and am interested in the subjects. But near the start, when she said what timeframe her alleged alien abduction encounters began, she had the nose scratch tell. And it wasn't when saying something inconsequential to the narrative; it was when she said the timeframe she started being abducted. Red Flag.

When we land on Mars

WE will be the aliens. So yes, alien life exists in this galaxy. It all depends on your perspective.

I know that.

I said alien species are likely existing elsewhere, as in, presently.

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bump this

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

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