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I talked to Gary McKinnon Today! Really Cool. This guy is amazing..Wanted by the US. Why? Look.

Please watch the video at bottom of Gary. Should I invite him over to the DP?? Please read and research and tell me if I should invite him?
I was watching some videos and reading about Gary McKinnon, and was learning about who he is...and I stumbled onto a site where he is offering his services for website help in the UK and I thought I would ask him to help my company. Well, I got a nice email from him with links to wiki about himself and he stated that "I can not take any American clients right now due to fear for my own safety". I then sent him some correspondence in regards to watching his interviews and how much I supported what he did. Talk about cool. Then, he started talking about ABSOLUTE NO DOUBT to what he saw and what he grabbed from the NASA site in regards to Aliens. Sound crazy? Watch this interview...here he is. Why does the US want to put him in jail for 70 years??? What a great person...an early snowden. Google this man and tell me what you think. I am in contact with him now...
Obama and Cameron discuss Gary..
Here is one of his interviews..
His Wiki...

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If he is reading this thread

I hope he doesn't really believe he is morally wrong in what he did. Obviously if it was a personal or company computer it would be trespassing or breech of privacy, but I see no problem with looking at the content of a publicly owned and payed for computer. God knows the government has no respect for anyone else privacy, and what right do they have to forcefully extract resources from the population, use those resources to identify, discover, and develop new technology, and then keep such information secret.

I would like to know more details about the woman and building 8 and the photos in it. As a scientist and engineer, the idea of anti-gravity fascinates me, along with the possibilities it would mean for the progress of civilization.

His story is indeed

His story is indeed interesting. Thankfully, the UK dropped charges. I want a fuller explanation of "non-terrestrial officer" if he has one.

Dominion on earth was granted to humanity and no one else.

I will ask him

right now...
Update...I have asked him...I have also shown him the link to this thread. I will post his answer when it comes in.