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Minor complaint about Ben Swann's new news platform

You would think if I donated to your original Kickstarter and second year fundraiser I would be exempt from all of your advertising emails.

Most sites, when you pay, exempt you from advertising. Just a recommendation.

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All soliciting emails

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Here 'seems' to be the issue...

People want Ben Swann, HIS news, and info about HIS happenings.

People support him financially through his online fundraisers, year-round contributions via his website, web store, personal appearances, volunteer work/services/products, etc.

He has pop-ups and other requests on his website to subscribe to his newsletter to be the first to hear about important news and updates/happenings ON HIM and your info will not be shared or spammed.

Well, apparently, the newsletter doesn't give the news and updates many would expect and/or want but ARE including friendly solicitations and recommendations by Ben unrelated to his 'craft' and expertise. Some are distinct emails with only solicitations and nothing else.

Ex: http://www.dailypaul.com/322600/liberty-rising-the-first-gol...

So some/many people do unsubscribe - no big loss to them since the info they want isn't there anyway.

But supporters who stay subscribed don't want, and/or don't feel it appropriate for Ben to be advising/recommending through, these advertisements.

Reasons for complaints:
-they were told they wouldn't be spammed if subscribed and are
-Ben isn't credentialed for these advisories
-people get confused what he endorses and what's just an ad
-why be solicited when already gave money and ads are on his website
-isn't he supposed to be truthful, trustworthy, factual?
-where are the news and updates promised?

So, unsubscribing is defeating the intended purpose; but thanks for suggesting. Many may do that, plus block the web ads as also suggested.

My suggestion(s) here:

Thank you for posting. (Thanks to all who posted.)



Block out ads you don't want. Unblock sites you frequent to support them.

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This thread is about email,


They are doing that?

I'm surprised to hear that since they advertise with their pop-ups that your email will never be used for spam.

So sorry. I agree with you.

I think separate web pages on his site devoted to sponsors, advertisers, and donors would be much better.

Visitors can voluntarily frequent those pages and support and thank them in appreciation. In essence, it could be like a business directory. And everyone would be happy. Ben would get financial support; financial backers would get recognition, thanks, and business; and Ben's viewers would not get upset from all the pop-ups, ads everywhere, and confusion of what 'he's' selling.

He can then concentrate on what he does best: informing us on what we need to know.

Thank you for posting. Any other issues/recommendations?

In apology and thanks, please listen to this:

7/15/14 Ben Guest Hosts

The first part with Ben and Sheriff Richard Mack is very good regarding the immigration flood crisis. I haven't heard the other parts yet. It was a 3-hr live broadcast.


I'd like to share with his permission. (Ben, please contact me. I also have an editor/proofreader for you that I think is badly needed. Can you please correct your latest article? Especially the title: "Breaking: Israel Beings Ground Invasion Into Gaza". After 24 hrs. I finally figured out I think you mean - Breaking: Israel Begins Ground Invasion Into Gaza.)


(see comments at bottom)

Yeah, he should take note. On

Yeah, he should take note. On another site, I have seen people say that like me, they no longer subscribe because of the spamming.

I think

Thats a solid idea - a membership that exempts you from advertising - I'll be sure to promote it!

Also - not sure how much I can say now, but big things scheduled to happen at team Ben Swann in August!

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/contribute/ - http://www.unclesamtamovie.com/

We won't turn things around until we 1st change the media - donate to a liberty media creator today!

TV Promo

Zak, you always say 'big things'. ;)

Give us a hint? :)

I don't know about his team. But I saw a tv promo. (DWBS)

Can't wait! Liked it better than anything I've seen he's done to date. (Radio was really good but he never got the video stream going with it. :( )

Looks like he's got new people helping him. Good graphics!

Hope there's advance notice.

He's on Amazon now, btw. Been a while. No one mentioned. :(

Maybe half his episodes for 99c each?

Why not all of them? hmmm?

No hulu, yet. Any updates?


I am a big support of what he is doing

this is purely constructive criticism.

Tu ne cede malis.

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