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Why We Need an Underground Google

Summary: Search giants are forced by the government to censor and manipulate search results.

Why we need an underground Google
Governments are forcing search engines to show wrong results. It's time for search engines to go rogue so they can be right.

by By Mike Elgan, ComputerWorld


Many parts of the Internet are hard to index, or are blocked from being indexed by their owners.

Companies like Google have worked hard to surface and bring light to the "deep, dark" recesses of the global web on a technical level.

But in the past few years, a disturbing trend has emerged where governments -- either through law or technical means or by the control of the companies that provide access -- have forced inaccuracy, omissions and misleading results on the world's major search engines.

The censorship

Until recently, search engine censorship was not on the list of first-world problems. But in the last few years, governments in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the industrialized world have discovered that, although they're prevented by free-speech laws from actually blocking or banning content where it lives, censoring search engine results is a kind of "loophole" they can get away with. In an increasingly digitized, search-engine discoverable world of content, censoring search results is a way to censor without technically violating free speech protections.


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like a kayak.com for search results that focus on non indexed?

I like it.

Decentralized Internet

Long-term, we need to start backing projects like MeshNet so we can have a truly open and decentralized Internet that can't be censored.


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Google is government.

Faroo search

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DuckDuckGo doesn't track you, and doesn't bubble you either

DuckDuckGo doesn't track you, and doesn't bubble you either :




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I've had startpage.com as my home page for a while now

It acts as a proxy between you and Google. So Google never sees your IP address.

Of course, if Google's results are corrupted, you're still getting corrupted results, so duckduckgo.com might be a better solution, as far as this post's subject...

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How about an open-source, non centralised web search engine - based of the number of users connected to it. That way it couldn't be taken down. It could be done.

Like bittorrent or bitcoin. Been done before?

Faroo search

nice! :D

No! We don't need an underground google!

We need an underground internet!

The sooner the better.

They would have my business for sure.

Today Verizon offered me

a free Google Tablet with a $10.00 line fee/month. I refused.

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Good idea...

How do we get started?