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The Burden of Truth and Knowledge

The ‘enlightened’ carry a heavy burden of truth and knowledge that, without conscious effort, can be both exhausting and debilitating.

One merely has to look around, read some news, and watch a little television to realize that there is major subterfuge going on. Knowing that deceit and trickery is around every corner, we are forced to dig deep to examine facts, evaluate actions and derive truthful conclusions based on evidence and fact rather than spin and political innuendo. Not only is our pursuit of the truth time-consuming, but that truth and knowledge can begin to eat at our very core, manifesting itself in the relentless and unstoppable pursuit of even more knowledge, more facts and sadly, more acceptance that our world as we have known it is over.

As you internalize your knowledge and attempt to come to terms with its affect of your life, your loved ones and your moral values, remember that you are not alone.

The Pursuit of Truth

Just what exactly is happening to cause this pursuit? Let us start with just a few examples.


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It's not over...

Like always, keep the good ideas flush the bad.

It's the nature of The System.