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True Libertarianism!

Whether it's Benghazi or Ukraine, Syria or Iraq 2014, Malaysian flight MH17 or Nicaraguan rerouted flight of President Daniel Ortega, Executive action abuse or Congressional impotency, one thing is clear and that is I don't give a f#$@ about any of it anymore. I can barely keep up with the challenges of my own life and the fact that we have to actually monitor our inconceivably incoherent government is telling of the level of competency we have elected to represent us.

Obama is a liar! The Congressional body if you will, is full of counterproductive antagonisms and irreprehensible purpose! The immigration crisis is manufactured! The Law is dead! The people are divided! The land is bleeding! We are dying!

Who really cares who the current puppet of office is?! Bush was a detriment to our sovereignty and independence just as Obama is. It really comes down to one simple fact: we are the defense! If you truly believe that Rand Paul will save us then by all means vote for him in 2 years! If you truly believe that Rand Paul will be relevant in two years then by all means follow his lead. I for one do not give a shit about politics anymore. Politics are measured by men who are above the effects they emit and I'm done participating in the dereliction of their occupancy by vote.

Vote if you must or will, but know that I amongst you will never vote again for presidential office. Because what am I voting for exactly? What do I know about the person I've cast my confidence for other than the fact that he chose to follow his father's opponent, that he chose to follow unconstitutional precedents; that he chose to levy our sovereignty in order to advance his level of office? Why do we place so much trust in the familiar rhetoric of suited men? I'd be more inclined to vote for a man in sweats than a suited, straight-jacketed, pristine groomsman for the press.

I love you all, but I'm no longer a follower of the current system. I am not libertarian. I am a human being struggling to find truth and nothing more.

PEace and LOve always.

Peace and Love always and someday.

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Bump for conversation?!

Love to all.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

It's kind of like Road House...

It tends to get worse before it gets better.

I feel we're starting to turn the tide, however. We must capitalize on the 80+% disapproval rating. The pieces are beginning to fall in place.

Be nice

until its time to not be nice.

He who has ears should listen.

I know..... Family, Faith, Home. Working like a man possessed 6 days a week. This onslaught will continue for the foreseeable future. It is hard to see anything beyond the mountain of work I am currently undertaking. I like to save my debt notes and will soon have my personal deficits resolved. Beyond operating in the black I am not sure where it goes from there.

And for the Father of Lies Inc.? Let it collapse under it's own weight. Why care about what is in reality beyond our control? I have faith that the plans of evil men will backfire. Only the truth can stand and every lie will falter.

The course is set, vile plans are in motion. Someone has to be around to pick up the pieces.

May goodness guard your Pen. God bless you and your family.



Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness