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Is The Stock Market Near Collapse?

Is the Stock Market Ready to Collapse?


13:56-18:26 discussion of the tenuous position of the stock market with sky high valuations and no underlying fundamentals to support them.

The stock market could do down on a moment’s notice and stay down because the companies are not doing that well and will do worse after a stock market crash, so a swift rebound may not happen even if the Fed attempts to reflate. The Fed appears to be trying to talk down the market a little perhaps to avoid a larger correction or crash.

Ron Paul and Elizabeth Warren vs. The Fed

30:20-35:48 Discussion of the difference between REAL questioning of the Fed, like Ron Paul vs. the faux populism fake theater questioning of Elizabeth Warren.

See Ms. Warren and Janet yuck it up after the hearing.

Breaking Point for the Stock Market

41:22-46:10 Market participants certainly know they are participating in a farce. When does the market stop playing along. When is "dot bomb!" called? What happens to the economy when the market crashes? Will investors dive back in expecting a quick rebound?

What Happens after the Next Stock Market Crash?

The stock market is at an all time high but the US economy is nowhere near its all time peak. Sales are down and its not the weather.

Massive Stock Market Collapse?

51:00 prospects for a market collapse are discussed. Bubble companies with no earnings can not be blown back up especially in a post crash economy. Companies will fall to fair value and drift lower as their prospects decline. The Fed would like to ease some froth out of the market to avoid a larger crash. Discussion of central planning and their involvement in the stock market which is close to price fixing.

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The Stock Market Continues to Climb the Diving Board Steps.....

The Stock Market Continues to Climb the Diving Board Steps.....

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The market goes down " a little" on Gaza and Ukraine


How about it should go down on stocks being massively over valued?

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As happens so often-today the stock market opened lower

but as the day drags on it recoups its losses.
One day soon, it won't.

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It's high for one reason: Interest rates. As soon as the FED...

...starts raising rates the market will drop - but it will drop consistent with the percent they raise the rates.

That's bacause when rates go higher, investors opt for safer places to put their money.

Right now, with rates near zero, people have no choice but to invest in equities. It's not because the WANT to do it as it is very risky.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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It's near a correction, but not a collapse.

Once complacency shakes out of the market, it's up, up, up. Capital flow seeking safety and returns will be the driving force.

Undo what Wilson did


As long as they keep printing money to keep it propped up.

Money talks and dogs bark

If you think so, yes...it is

If you think so, yes...it is near collapse.

If you think no, no...it is not near collapse.

ALL depends on what people think.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Lack of revenue growth, Ukraine, Gaza, Portuguese Bank Failures

Bulgarian bank collapse, end of printing $4 trillion, Argentine default looming, most stock volume from share buy backs and sovereign funds, highest stock prices ever, economy doing poorly, loosing full time jobs, no wage growth, rising energy, housing and food costs and the stock market isn't supposed to crash?

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The Housing market was supposed to DRIVE the Economic Recovery

That market has fizzled out. It's all riding on the stock market!

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The stock market is an

The stock market is an illusion and lives under the threat of people waking up, so yes it is perpetually near collapse at all times.

Didn't it drop a whole bunch the other day when that malaysian plane was shot down? What does that plane going down have to do with the stock price of rice in China?

It dropped then went right back up

I suspect traders know the Fed will backstop any drop. I think the next drop the Fed will not be able to support a rebound with out totally destroying the dollar

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Rats Scatter...

When you throw a rock into a barn the rats scatter, but they always come back with vengeance.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

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it IS the bubble from FED printing.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

Highest stock market ever during one of the

Worst economic times- cant last no new production or jobs just paper gains

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Not sure.

I have never cared to fathom the depths of this thing called the stock market. Are you familiar with "The parable of the mustard seed". The good seed and the weeds must grow together until the end, and at the appointed time the weeds will be gathered and burned. I suppose the truth will apply across the board, whether it be business or the human condition.

"I know you boys like em sloppy". The Lunch Lady

Never heard that one- will make note of it

The analogy doesn't hold for the stock as it's almost all weeds!

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