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Chuck Todd: Rand Paul is best GOP candidate to beat Hillary

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Fat chance the Repugs will see the light; they are still

rooting for Bob Dole and Nip Rodney.



We're making a difference people! Those of us who contributed to his money bombs, and also helped his dad open the minds of frustrated Republicans, have made more progress than I imagined!

Lighting the brushfires. ;-)

Maybe we could all chip in again; if it's Rand versus

Hillary, and Hillary is pegged to win, then all we gotta do is buy Rand a turquoise pant suit and he'll catapult right out there even further ahead.


Not even close

The real truth isn't what will put Hillery in the white house and keep Rand Paul in the single digits. In fact the votes don't even count. And the electoral college will be pre- programmed. It looks like Hillery is going to be president and we won't be able to prevent it, unless someone comes along that they like better.

Ron Paul won by a landslide twice but he was made to look like a failure. Obama on the other hand has lied to us more than 500 times on important matters, and Mr. Michelle is what?

stay home

please. we can't prevent it.

Your Rand-Can't-Win friends and family

MUST see these type of clips and articles.



the only poll that showed the defeat of Obama was Ron Paul. How the heck does Hilary have over 40 percent? Of course its a lie

is that like

how they said mitt romney is the only one who can beat obama? ROFL.

how many times are we going to let a human tell us that X is the only way to Y? infinite?

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Please Tell Us You're Smart Enough

To Understand This Significance?

This isn't the Establishment clown, this is Rand Paul, Ron Paul's son. Look at Lauer's face lol He's like: "Ugh Oh!" This is great news.