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Is the GOP of Illinois Really This Stupid?

I got the following e-mail from the Libertarian National Campaign Committee describing how the GOP of Illinois is trying to stop voters from having the option to vote for Libertarian candidates.

What kind of campaign strategy relies on cheating the voters? Anybody familiar with this tactic?

Either they despise the voters, or their gubernatorial candidate doesn't care about anything beyond his own campaign, because I would imagine Libertarians in Illinois will remember this and never vote for a Republican, again, even in those races where no Libertarian is running. How is that a good idea?

Here's the letter:

The Illinois Republican party, and their billionaire gubernatorial candidate, have declared war on Libertarian candidates.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois has recruited a fantastic and highly active slate of candidates for statewide office and they worked tirelessly to get them well over the 25,000 petition signatures needed to appear on the November ballot. In fact, they gathered over 43,000 signatures in just 90 days!

But the victory was short lived. The IL GOP challenged those signatures and sent a team of staffers and interns to the Illinois State Board of Elections to ensure that the voices of those 43,000 people were silenced.

The process for defending those signatures is long and unnerving. The Libertarian Party of Illinois needed to answer the GOP’s attack by gathering volunteers at the state election board’s office in Springfield for several days. From 9am to 7pm you sit in a chair, petitions and GOP objections in hand, working with the election board staffer to locate the petitioner in voter rolls. Arguing with the GOP interns over matching signatures, legal name changes, and whether LSD in Chicago actually means Lake Shore Drive.

Knowing they would not be able to match the GOP’s presence, they called on us for help. And we had to act on short notice. We committed ourselves to the state party’s efforts, and we brought out the big guns. We sent in LNCC Executive Director Evan McMahon last week for a few days.

Evan returned home this past Friday, just in time to celebrate his nephew’s first birthday, and is already back on the road heading to Springfield. Evan will stay in the area for the rest of the week. Including a couple of days to assist Lex Green, LP Illinois Political Director, with paper work and preparing documentation for any additional legal challenges.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana, being a good neighbor, not only sent their State Chair Dan Drexler for a day of assistance, but they also helped pay part of the expenses for Evan’s first week in Springfield.

Of course, placing Evan in the field for this task comes at a price. There are additional costs we bear to cover his transportation, room and board. Then there is the opportunity cost. While Evan is in Illinois, he has limited time to address the day-to-day tasks of the LNCC.

We are here to turn the tide and change the course of America. And our ability to accomplish this depends on you. With your help we can make a dramatic impact on the liberty movement.

If you believe as I do that providing practical support for Libertarian candidates and local parties is need for our success, I ask you to stand with me and our mission by underwriting our efforts.

Please click here to donate online today. https://lncc.infusionsoft.com/app/linkClick/2727/cd2938d9c76...

Very Truly Yours,

Mark W. Rutherford, Chairman
Libertarian National Campaign Committee

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Really ?

declaring war , silencing voices ~ stalin much ?

Life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% fatality rate.
Don't Give me Liberty, I'll get up and get it myself!

via the Libertarian Party of

via the Libertarian Party of Illinois website:
"District Candidates

Sadly for the people of Illinois, the campaigns of our district candidates have been stopped by the discriminatory ballot blocking strategies written into Illinois election law. We call for every person to contact their Illinois legislators and demand the civil right to equal ballot access regardless of political affiliation."

Illinois has libertarians? I

Illinois has libertarians? I thought I was the only one, lol.

Count me in


Me 3 :)

There are some old parts of the GOP

that are for winning ahead of principle. They are dying out though.

The Vince Lombardi wing

"Winning is not the most important thing. It's the ONLY thing."
--Vince Lombardi

Leges sine moribus vanae

Yes, they are that stupid.

Both the Dems and the Reps like to cheat and lie to get elected and control the game. They love doing this so much, that they often ignore the common sense that would tell them that it is counterproductive in the long run. It will definitely, someday, be their undoing, and I can't wait until the revolution actually sweeps the land and cans these bozos.

I don't even need to read

I don't even need to read further than your title to answer your question. YES, the GOP as a whole is stupid, not just Illinois.


the Democrats are just as bad. They spent $$$ in 2000 and 2004 trying to keep Nader off state ballots. At the leadership level, both parties are crooked and neither believe in fair play. (That doesn't mean that they can't sometimes be used to further our aims.)

Yes, and

Stuff like this is why I left the GOP! Stolen election from Ron Paul!

I am!