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Canadians sound off on Israel War Crimes

We discuss the situation in Gaza. How is it that a nation engaged in committing atrocities can hide behind atrocities committed against them during WW2? Israel uses the Holocaust as a defense shield to deem anyone antisemitic who disagrees with their open air prison that is called Gaza. We denounce the actions of the Nazis and the actions of the current Israel government. The Israelis need to stop treating the Palestinians like Jews in a Nazi Death Camp.

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Thank you for speaking up

and speaking out against the war crimes being committed in this latest Israeli aggression with full support from our U.S. government and sadly,shamefully many of our citizens. Gaza is a massacre. I have bookmarked to listen in a bit.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

The oppressed have become...

the oppressors.

Minnesota Mary