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Do you remember Doug Wead said in a year after the 2012 election we would find out why Ron quit?

I dont have this video/audio anymore but maybe someone here can find it. After Ron forfeited the election we were all pretty let down, frustrated and kinda pissed. Doug Wead had an interview with some liberty radio show and he said the reasons why ron quit would be revealed in about a years time.

Does anyone remember this? It was right after the election. Did anyone hear from anyone about the reasons? I still want to know after all this time. If someone has the video or audio or doug saying this please post it. I have no idea where it ism

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And that is what makes it a truly spectacular move!

I donated 1000 dollars to go see him at the Marriott in Los Angeles by the airport. There was a question and answer part and I was the first to ask a question. This was at the time we were fighting hard for delegates. I asked him, " Do you think its possible that we can take enough delegates to win the nomination?" The Ron Paul campaign at this point had been leading us to believe that we could! He broke my heart when he said,"No." Then why the fuck are you here fundraising keeping up the illusion to fill up your coffers $1000 a pop? He was the great hero that I had made him out to be. He was a regular person. I learned the meaning then to never meet your heroes. He was there to plant the seeds of freedom that maybe we could sprout in the future and change the world and the republican party from within but he wasn't in it to win it which was the illusion portrayed on us. I felt cheated and after Rand endorsed Romney after everything we had done in the name of his father and freedom it was the last straw. Let him play his political game. The real patriots, the real Americans, the real Americana loving individuals will fight and never veer from the message of freedom for our nation. We don't play politics. We live in the real world.

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Appreciate the blunt truth.

..you did ask the question.
You have to be prepared to hear what you don't want to hear.
It's better than being lied to.
I hope your money was used well.

At least he didn't soften the truth and ask for more money.

From the comments below, it seems like we are talking

about two different statements. Yes, Wead did say we'd know what happened (i.e. why Dr. Paul stopped campaigning and/or didn't challenge the votes) in about 10 to 20 years.

Then there was another time when he said something about Mittens threatening to destroy the good Doctor in a media blitz, if he didn't step aside and stay quiet for the duration (of the hoax).

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Ron Paul Didn't Quit Either In 2008 Or 2012.

He was "RAILROADED" {please look up the meaning of railroaded} by the main stream media, and the big money boyz, and the neo-cons from his own party.

Here is one definition of "railroaded":


Check out this book written by a strong Ron Paul supporter, RIGGED:



I seem to remember it was

I seem to remember it was because the Romney campaign threatened to run his name so far in the mud, he would never recover.

I remember Wead said it can't be discussed until

10-20 years from now(2012), which made it even more alarming and skeptical. Here's the video of it.


I thought he was talking

I thought he was talking about campaign secrets in general.


Texas Liberty Talk Radio http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

C'mon guys. Your speculations are

way too lame.

I think his family was threatened. Sounds more interesting, doesn't it? ;-)

To the OP:

Is this what you were looking for? http://youtu.be/QvCQR3ylR8g

My guess is that the "A-bomb"

My guess is that the "A-bomb" Wead refers to would simply have been endless repetitions of excerpts from those newsletter articles that Ron Paul didn't write. It's a dirty scheme but effective, given that the mass media would be 100% behind it.

I knew we lost

when Ron Paul sent us out an email who donated to him. He said he got cheated with the delegates. In the email it said he didn't have enough delegates to win out. 3 days later Rand endorsed Romney. Yeah I was super pissed, but I get it now.

It was a march

to get Rand launched up top for the next go around. They knew the 'white Obama' would lose to the 'black one'.

I don't recall him having put a time frame on that.

Just that we'd find out about it sometime in the future.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Wasn't it a media blitz of lies?

They were going to smear his name and anything else he was associated with. (CFL, YAL, Homeschool classes, FREE, Rand's career, etc)

I know it sounds hollow to some, but imagine the GOP is pissed - they could fabricate any lie and back it up with fabricated evidence. Knowing what we know about NSA/CIA now - they could have put out some pretty nasty propaganda

But they do this...as routine.....ANYWAY...........

The Establishment-CIA News Media, and the GOP Party voices do this kind of stuff as a matter of routine ...anyway.... So this really can't be the reason.

They had already run the big stories ran about Ron Paul's 'racist' Newsletters (and that was about the best they could come up anyway after years of opposition research). And, of course, in one TV debate Ron Paul only got 60 seconds to speak, while everyone else got 11-15 minutes. That's how bad the standard operating procedure already was, with Ron in the race.

So there were no new skeletons in Ron Paul's closet to bring out here. There was nothing really so bad to threaten him with, that he couldn't explain.


From everything I saw, it appears that Ron Paul quit and went silent, because in his mind he had done what he set out to do.

Recall that he and his campaign were very aggressive in bringing down all the rivals to Mitt Romney, and clearing out the path for Romney's nomination. But Paul had no interest in challenging him for the Presidency directly. As soon as everyone else had dropped out, Ron Paul immediately (almost simultaneously) then decided that whooops....there was no campaign anymore. He was all done (and it was only April!!).

And moments afterward, while his supporters were still fighting for Delegates, his son Rand Paul publicly switch his support to Mitt Romney in coordinated fashion.

The sad truth is that Ron Paul was never serious about the Presidency at all, or running a complete Campaign. He never wanted to capitalize on his massive support, huge crowds, and maximize his Delegate totals and actually take the battle to the Convention, and have the debate where it mattered.

His only goal was to knock-off the other challengers to Romney in the field, sell his books, and leave Romney with an unchallenged, unimpeded, clear pathway to the nomination.

This is also why the prospect of a Rand Paul presidency doesn't excite me too much. He will surround himself with the same ol boys network, GOP insiders, and Wall-Street overlords. There is not a true break here with business as usual.


"His only goal was to knock-off the other challengers to Romney in the field, sell his books, and leave Romney with an unchallenged, unimpeded, clear pathway to the nomination."


Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

He Abandoned His Own campaign

He Quit the race Early.

That evidence is clear. No candidate in the process of winning States, and with their supporters actively fighting for critical Delegates would disappear and quit in April -- unless they did not care about their standing at the Convention.

Ron Paul cared as long as Mitt Romney had challengers. As soon as he became the only challenger, he turtled-up and no longer cared about the race anymore.

It's obvious that he wanted to give Mitt Romney an uncontested, unimpeded, unchallenged path, otherwise why go dead silent right then -- just as he was drawing 10,000-sized crowds, and finally gained the opportunity to go after Romney one-on-one-?

Now I didn't make that up.
That's what Ron Paul did in 2012.

You are suggesting that he

You are suggesting that he intentionally deceived millions with dishonest lies. I have a tiny disagreement with that.

That's not what I said.

I never suggested that Ron Paul made any direct lies.

But he clearly, and quite obviously, was not ever interested in running a Campaign all the way to the Convention, and confronting Mitt Romney in a direct fashion.

You can disagree all you want, but please provide some evidence that Ron Paul ever sought to take his Campaign all the way to the Convention. Ron Paul did not want to be part of anything "messy", like a Convention Hall battle.

He did not want to ever challenge Mitt Romney directly, a man that Rand Paul eagerly supported and voted for, and a man Ron referred to as "his friend".

Those are the facts (not suggestions).

Rand never eagerly supported .....

anybody except his father. On that you can take my word.

I thought that's what it was

I thought that's what it was too. Something about the Romney camp going "nuclear" on Dr. Paul's reputation with attack ads. At the time I thought, "so what, they've been doing that for decades." Looking back, I wonder just what kind of dirt they had.

Not what dirt they had...

... but what they said they would make up. AND make stick.

Some really nasty stuff like Carol uses soup from a can,
and cake mix from a box. ;-)

the horror

the horror

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