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New American Revolution: The National Independent Party

Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America


The battle has begun. The National Independent Party is now officially launched to challenge the egregious monopoly that Democrats and Republicans have in America.

AFR's video speech, Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America is our opening salvo to Washington and its relentless destruction of our country.

It signals the death knell of the Democrat-Republican monolith's control over our political system. It shows how to put forth a challenge in 2016 that will far exceed Ross Perot's campaign in 1992 - a true freedom challenge that will rock the nation and make history.

Very important to grasp! We are not a third party! We are a SECOND PARTY formed in defiance of the Democrat-Republican one party state. We intend to restore a genuine two-party system.


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Independent v. Libertarian?

The Libertarian Party's reliance on political campaigns to educate the voters has been a dismal failure by any standard of measure. The highest Libertarian vote getter since 1972 was Gary Johnson. I believe his vote total was achieved on the good Doctor Paul's coat tails. Dr. Paul, not the Libertarian Party made libertarian a household word now heard in newscasts and on many talk shows. The Independents may be more successful than Libertarians simply because of the name recognition and its association with a non-political message. Besides Libertarian as a political movement sounds snobby.

I let my LP membership lapse after the first post 911 national convention because I thought that the party was getting too many Republicans with influence at the national level.

I finally did what the Party should have done in 1972, try to co-opt the Republican Party. I was elected as a Republican Party Precinct Delegate and guess what? I found out that I have a lot of "co-conspirators" in the grass roots and candidates like Justin Amash is helping the cause. However, the name, "Independents," may draw more to the party's banner because it sounds, well, independent.

It only takes one to KEEP AMERICANS FREE. Know your duties & rights as a juror. Stop the unconstitutional conviction of innocents in federal custody. The Fully Informed Jury CALL 1-800-TEL-JURY www.fija.org IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. It's that important.

Debate Invitation

Dear Mr. Hultberg,

as Chair of a new political Party also called Free Dominion
I firstly would like to commend you on this video's insightful critique of many issues currently facing the American public.

After hearing the 4 Pillars of Reform (and visiting Americans for a Free Republic's website) however, I do find some points of philosophical disagreement

For example, the National Independent Party endorses the enactment of a 15% flat tax
[video @ 9:38]
In principle however, Free Dominion's associated Dignitarian ideology argues that all taxation is unethically premised upon coercion and should be abolished.

Instead, the Party espouses establishing public Trusts where the prerogative of citizen choice is lawfully recognized, as well as the right to withdraw from abuse

A second position by the National Independent Party includes language mandates
[@ 16:15]

Free Dominion disagrees however, as civil Standards can ensure the well-being of the public when properly issued through optimal customization (akin to open exchange for monetary specie)

In the subsequent spirit of civility and exciting publication, I wonder if you or another representative from your assembly might be interested in participating within a historic debate between the Free Dominion and Independent American Parties
that has already been arranged on the Treubig Show as hosted by Mr. Jeff Treubig
as well as possibly promoting it through other media outlets as well

While ultimately acknowledging that we do share the common cause of virtuous agency, I also believe that such a public event would be quite enlightening, informative and engaging.

Michael Galganski

Well Rand or Ted Cruz may be

Well Rand or Ted Cruz may be successful running in the republican party as far as winning goes, but once you try to work within the republican party system, you will find systematic change to be impossible.

Also, a lot of Ron Paul supporters would like someone to vote for. I voted for Ron, but I wouldn't for Rand because I simply would not be motivated to go to the polls and I would not want to compromise my own principles. I know the political strategy is foolish but I honestly don't care about politics, sorry, I don't believe in the political process.

Like I said, I only was willing to interrupt my life for Ron.

Just take over the establishment from the inside

I agreed with all of the principles in the video, they are all great ideas.

BUT THERE ARE A WEALTH of people already established "in one party" or in one label. So WE GET MORE TRACTION if we get inside the establishment, and convert from the inside out. IT IS POSSIBLE to change the face of a large group of people.

IF SOMEONE SHOULD BE FORCED to "start from scratch," IT SHOULD BE the sad losers that hold on to neoconism, cronyism, and big government AFTER we are the new face of the Republican party.

Make it happen.

The "inside" is a Mile long......

The problem is that it is not just a few positions involved, where you can "take over" and then control things.

The U.S. State Dept has for decades been staffed-up with CFR-Empire devotees, who act on orders of the Global Banksters and British Empire Imperialist remnants. The CIA is a whole Government (unelected) unto itself, that does whatever it wants (regardless of the President's policy if necessary, as Kennedy found out). The Pentagon and Joint-Chiefs (also unelected) are considered "experts" that a President dare not cross, and are prepped for War and global violence as the "solution" to every problem.

The Treasury is run by Wall Street, not by the U.S. Government.

So somebody coming from that same infrastructure is never going to solve the problem (in fact, they won't even attempt to).

What we need is someone who is completely Independent to Campaign on the message: "I am coming in to clean house, and bring in a whole new set of people around me -- who are also completely Independent from the system".

Nothing will really ever change, until that happens....

Actually the independents are

Actually the independents are more than the partisans. Also, the partisans just blindly follow the crowd, and are not as loyal to a party name as you would think.

Wilberforce did that on the issue of the slave trade in

England, it essentially took him his whole life time.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Why didn't we think of that before?

What? a party besides the Deomcrats/Republicans?? Why didn't anyone ever think of that before?

Auto expansion of the money supply? E-verify? What are you smoking dude?

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

We don't need another 3rd

We don't need another 3rd party. We already have hundreds of them. What we need is to infiltrate the ones we have.

I don't think that

I don't think that infiltrating the republican party has been very successful. If Rand is elected he will still have to deal with the power classes and a lapdog Congress and partisan judiciary.

C_T_CZ's picture

Success is relative....

If we had all the people bitching and moaning about the R's and the D's actually try to change the R's, it would work. It's a fantastic strategy if we actually do it. Unfortunately too many sit on the sideline and don't participate, and then proclaim its a failed strategy.

For the record, I was a lifelong Libertarian and switched to R just to vote for Ron Paul. I became a Precinct Delegate and State Delegate to influence the party from the inside, and yes it's working. It would work a lot faster if everyone got off their butts, shed the apathy, and gave it a serious attempt. But it is working. Want it to work faster/better? Join us.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof


"We don't need another 3rd party.....What we need is to infiltrate the ones we have."


There are already hundreds of

There are already hundreds of 3rd parties. But none of them stand a chance. Until we can elect some good guys and change the system, the 3rd party is a lost cause. Don't be such a bonehead. 3rd parties have been around for years. What's the point of adding another one?

This is a SECOND Party

The first one is called the Democratic-Republicans.

Like Ron Paul said, we only have one party in this country.

allegory - ˈalɪg(ə)ri/ - noun - 1. a story, poem, or picture which can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Ron is right

They are the same party. I side with Paul. To think other wise. Your still in the twilight zone. Keep enjoying. When they reenact the draft again. Ron Paul words will come back to haunt you. Some people here still think there two different party's . Until your two party's agreed to start the draft again. If your younger than 59.You have not live through the draft. That's when you are a number for the fodder.

Money talks and dogs bark

And he STILL ran in the GOP.

And he STILL ran in the GOP. The GOP sucks, but liberty candidates are winning office throughout the country running on the Elephant ticket.


But if Ron Paul had won the GOP nomination, i bet you he would have encouraged election law changes and allowed for a 2nd party.

He always has been friendly

He always has been friendly to third parties. And they are allowed, the State laws are what are hard on them. Having to gather signatures and things.

Ok. But it's still a third

Ok. But it's still a third party. And there are hundreds of them.

Correct, I have been involved

Correct, I have been involved with the Constitution Party. And I vote for both CP and LP candidates. As soon as some non celebrity third party candidates start winning a number of seat in Congress, a Governorship... or even State House seats, then things will have changed. I am very familiar with third party politics, it is currently a complete joke. And it takes millions to really get in the ring.

Stonewall...you are on a roll

Stonewall...you are on a roll today! I've decided that we agree a lot on a lot of issues. We should start a 4th party. Nobody has ever started a 4th party before. We can win with just our message alone. It'll be awesome! There will be picnics every day! With lots of tater salad!

Eh...but wait a minute. We only agree on 99% of the stuff so that makes you a N E O C O N. Besides...you don't even like tater salad. So no 4th party for you.

Sorry, we could have really had something but you had to go all out neocon.

Random election parties

Would yield far better representative than we has today, especially if they were pre vetted and contracted to support the US Constitution.

No need to spend time listening to all those blowhards campaigning for your vote. Just randomly draw from pools for each position and be done with it. Hell if the pool were filled with monkeys we would have better representation than we do today.

Think Truth...Trust Truth...Rely on Truth!

Interesting and worth listening to,

However, a few questions -

1. How are you going to get someone with the big name recognition you're talking about to leave the Republican party? Seems you're banking a lot on that, and I don't see it happening.

2. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, don't they advocate neo-conish foreign policy positions themselves? I've heard nothing from them to suggest otherwise.

I am!