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Amash Talks NSA-Enabling Executive Order 12333


US News:

“I don't know to what extent I could talk about that order because of the classified briefings I’ve had,” Amash says. “But I will say there are tools that the NSA and other government agencies may be using that would undermine our reform efforts, so that even if we stop one method for obtaining information on Americans in violation of the Constitution, they may still use other methods.”


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We just need a few more people.

What happened to Rand Paul's general warrants lawsuit?

How can any judge tolerate such blatant abuse?

Where do I go

to find out how my congress person voted on this?

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Response to Bachmann's "Phone Book" comment ...

1) The difference between this data and the phone book is that your can exclude yourself from the phone book.

2) If "this list doesn't even have what the phone book has" as she says, then the damn NSA should use the PHONE BOOK.

Google is government.

She says

that it's not true, that the government is collecting all our data, then says that the terrorist win with all the leaks being released. Which is it? If it's not true, then Snowden is a liar and it doesn't matter what he says, and if it's a lie, then how are the terrorist benefiting?

Save yourself an ear infection and skip

everything from 7:50 to 10:40.

Bachmann's emotional fear-mongering is getting old.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


... clueless neocon... who elect these people to office?

Plano TX

politicians these days are paid to be insane

the sheer number of liars in Washington is staggering.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I sent this email to Sam Johnson....

RE: H R 2397 RECORDED VOTE 24-Jul-2013 6:51 PM
AUTHOR(S): Amash of Michigan Amendment No. 100
QUESTION: On Agreeing to the Amendment

I wish to record my strong disappointment at your NO vote.

When our representatives publicly trash our Constitutional rights, the terrorists have won.

Your support for the Patriot Act was a mistake, but you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge this fact.

I am making my displeasure know, far and wide, to friends and family. The Republican establishment is losing touch with the voting public. Ninety million voters did not go to the polls in 2012. This is a incontrovertible proof that our one-party system (two wings of the same predatory bird) no longer serves us well.

NAME (pro-life, pro-liberty and anti-war)

Like all of the Daily Paul folk, I do my little bit for the cause every day... Sam Johnson is 87 years old, but his campaign literature shows a "youthful" 55-year old... I saw him at the state convention where I was a delegate... his voting record is as misleading as his campaign literature... shame on anyone in my district who casts a vote for him. It was nice to see, during the debate featured above, that some Texas representatives stood up to defend the 4th Amendment... there is hope for Texas... I'm not so sure about the rest of the country.

Plano TX

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"The House voted 205-217 to narrowly defeat Amash’s amendment"

For Amash, who’s been floated as a possible Republican contender in 2014 for the Senate seat held by retiring Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), the standoff represented a chance to raise his profile on an issue important to his libertarian followers.

And it sets him up as a potential contender to take the mantle from retired Republican Rep. Ron Paul of Texas as the de facto leader of the libertarian movement, which has picked up steam in recent years.

Thank you for your excellent post

I am glad I watched it. I was not not ready for the ending.

Bachman "It's not true! It's not happening!"


"The NSA’s spokesperson didn’t explicitly deny that it happens in a response to an inquiry about Snowden’s claim, but said such activity wouldn’t be tolerated."

craziness. . .