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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: the Heretics Speak Truth to Power

In my pre-libertarian years, I have to admit that despite my complete ignorance about the issue of violence in the land of Palestine, back then I still would have not hesitated to give my opinion about it if asked. It was as if I somehow knew with confidence what was going on in Palestine and who the good and the bad guys were. I guess it was my subconscious memory at work, the information that was fed to me by the Western media over many years without me even asking for it and without ever giving it a second thought. It was like second nature, things that I had heard accidentally over and over for so many times have become the truth. Perhaps this is a solid example and a proof that media propaganda can be so effective, whether we are paying attention to it or not?

Having been inspired by the Ron Paul Revolution over the years, I have encountered the issue of Palestine on many occasions and it naturally became a part of my long libertarian educational journey. There is a wealth of information and disinformation about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict online. Much of it is pure propaganda from both sides. However, I have found that the best and most truthful sources come from whistle-blowers and other individuals and groups who at some point had a change of heart, or are just going against the prescribed conventional wisdom prescribed by their national leaders.

My main intent with this post is to share some of the sources that I have come to trust when it comes to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. I hope that everyone will give them a chance and find out what these people have to say, and then, combined with the usual everyday propaganda on this issue, decide for yourself what to believe.

Please read the rest at the link: Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: the Heretics Speak Truth to Power

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Thanks for the feedback guys!

I just came across yet another heretic to add to the list: Ilan Pape, Israeli historian and socialist activist. Check out the Democracy Now interview: http://www.democracynow.org/2014/7/28/professor_ilan_pappe_i...

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans

Such a well written piece Yad


Whistleblowing on Steroids...

Check out this project of former IDF soldiers. I warn you -- pre-conceived ideas provided by western media will be strangled --


And here's video of a couple of the guys who started the project, titled "Burning Conscience: Israeli Soldiers Speak Out":



Probably best if you watch the video first and then visit the website. It'll make more sense to you.


And there is this full-length documentary featuring the last six living heads of Shin Bet (the Israeli CIA/FBI) who talk about it -- their current views would surprise many Americans. But this is not a "trash Israel" piece, by any means. It's about as "balanced" a review of the situation as I've seen anywhere.

Y'all decide:


Excellent post! Thank you.

Excellent post! Thank you.

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So what is his proposed solution, exactly?

Is he proposing a two-state solution, or a one-state solution?

Sounds to me like he is just blaming Israel for the whole thing. He admits Hamas is an evil terror organization who targets civilians, but he pretty much blames the whole deal on Israel, and calls the land "Palestine", never Israel.

He also says peace can not happen without Israel conceding even more, and that that cannot happen without international pressure on Israel, ramping up. Well, guess what? That's Hamas' goal, which he claims is "understandable".

He says Gaza is "under military occupation". No it's not. Israel pulled out in 2005. You see that map at the top of the article. Yet the militants that really are occupying Gaza (Hamas militants) keep attacking Israel.

At the end of the day this is just more anti-Israel propaganda, that simply doesn't make the foolish attempt to completely defend Hamas' actions, like most anti-Israel propaganda does. The fact that the only Jewish viewpoint this article seems to be accepting of is the few orthodox Jews who call for the outright elimination of the state of Israel, says a lot.

I am for a One-State solution, where all individuals have equal rights under the law. Freedom of religion for all. This is going to require the radical Islamist Palestinians, not just Hamas, but the populace, to abandon their religious fanaticism. Israel already has 1.6 million Muslims living as Israeli citizens. They already have freedom of religion. No Islamic Country, which all countries besides Israel are in the region, has freedom of religion for all.
Israel does have factions that are religiously intolerant. They gain power and momentum with every Jihadist rocket fired into Israel, and every Islamist propaganda piece and call for the destruction of the Jewish state. So far, in Israel, their policies have not ruined the freedom that is present in Israel. But, they have taken on a policy that holds little remorse for the civilian populations that support the terrorist groups and policies. So if Hamas' violence and hatred is understandable, then certainly so is the radical Zionists' hate and violence. That is if we are accepting of hate and violence.

G-d commanded us not to Murder. His Son told us to Love one another, even our enemies. It seems to me that those responsible for the killing and war over there, are not following G-d's commandments. The G-d who both sides claim they are following.

The author of this article claim it is Israel who must concede more of positions for peace. Well how has that worked out so far, as evidenced by the map at the top of his article? Not well. The truth is that BOTH SIDES must concede their hate and anger and thoughts of vengeance! Israel has been willing to sign peace treaties. Israel has given Gaza residents evacuation warning, humanitarian cease-fires, and pauses in fire, etc. When will Hamas, and the supporters of the Palestinian people world-wide admit that they have to concede as much as the Israelis, if a peaceful one-state solution, where all live together in peace, can work? Because I can guarantee you one thing, a "two-state solution" hasn't worked yet, and NEVER will.

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Again,with the 1 state solution?

And as long as the muslims give up what makes them...well them?
Do you also support the same 1 state solution for all americans?
Maybe what you propose it asking too much for whom you are asking.
BTW,I support no states,nor what comes out of them.They are a mess
I whole heartedly agree about both sides not living by the word of god,but hey,neither are the ones who run this country,paying lip service as all the lot of them do

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

Curious why you don't spell out God


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By any legal definition Gaza

By any legal definition Gaza is still occupied by Israel.

Yup. That is for sure.

and Israel bends backwards for Palestinians,for peace in Israel!


to keep this from falling through or into the cracks.

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Thank you for the excellent article

Much of my understanding and view has come from many of the same sources. There are so many individuals and groups working towards a peaceful solution that many never hear about. I agree with your solutions 100%. Thank you!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.