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The FIRST Libertarian Governor...can be reality!

The WYLLIE FOR FLORIDA GOVERNOR campaign is starting to steamroll ahead!

To-date, Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Candidate for Florida Governor, has not been included in ANY public poll. Today, he was included in the Quinnipiac poll and is at 9% and that is without ANY media attention!

As a result of today's news, the phone is ringing off the hook for media interviews and appearances. Of course they are still protraying him as the spoiler, but with new media attention, Wyllie can realistically achieve not only the 15% needed to appear in the debates starting in September, he can WIN the race, and set the bar for the rest of the country, with only 34% in a 3-way race! He will blow the pants off the competition once he is in a debate!

The poll also finds that voters in Florida do not find either Rick Scott or Charlie Crist to be honest and do not see them favorably. Subsequently the poll shows the only thing holding Adrian back is name recognition as regions who have heard more about him not only see him favorably but vote for him in higher numbers. The website and facebook page are also exploding with new viewers from today's news!

Which means...

If we get the word out to enough people, Adrian Wyllie will be our very first Libertarian Governor!! (Johnson was a Republican he was Governor)


1) Sign up to phone bank this weekend (come to the Clearwater party, if you are in the area, or do it from home anywhere! http://on.fb.me/WDVD0d

a) Training tomorrow night http://on.fb.me/1pczr3W

2) Sign up to volunteer in general. Please don't just sit by and say you support him without helping! http://bit.ly/1rMl9e9

3) Donate (Bitcoin accepted!!) http://bit.ly/UnZjSe

4) Buy SuperBrochures (the campaign's Director of Marketing was part of the team that was behind RonPaulProducts.com and the Ron Paul Superbrochure!)

a) campaign will mail them for you. Buy a precinct or donate a flat fee and we will pick the precinct for you http://bit.ly/1z4qL77

b) buy and hand out yourself if you live in Florida http://bit.ly/1A6BFL3

5) If you are in Florida, come out and meet Adrian at an event near you - he is doing a statewide Craft Beer Tour in August (to support the thriving industry that the Republican legislature tried to shut down!) http://bit.ly/1qA7gTl

6) Pass the word to everyone you know in Florida! With the current Republican Governor running from his record, and the former Republican Governor turned Independent turned Democrat changing his colors,again, this is OUR collective chance to win and send a message to the establishment! His website is http://bit.ly/1oceY2V

Read Wyllie's statement on today's poll results http://bit.ly/WE6jfC

Thank you, in advance, for your support and help in taking back our Liberty, one state at a time!

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You can't get liberty

by voting for a nicer master

or by doing nothing...

or by doing nothing...

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Watch out Nazi Gop and Commie Dnc...

The LIBERTARIANS are comming!


How has this not already

How has this not already happened in Wyoming or Alaska?

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


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I'm guessing that it is for

I'm guessing that it is for the same reason it hasn't happened in Illinois or New Jersey.

Drain the swamp!

Let's hope that this

Wyllie (Coyote) can keep Florida's state government from buying ACME products.

Phone Banking Update for Saturday

Adrian had a HUGE turnout today for phone banking. Upwards of 20 people at the phone banking location plus dozens across the State. Over 4,000 calls made in one day!!! We will be meeting tomorrow to do it again. If you want to help make calls (it is FREE), please call me at 941-962-7660 or go to WyllieForGovernor.com

In Liberty,


Super Brochure: "Right To Bear Arms"


I live in Tampa and have never heard of this guy until today. Well, go figure on that one. This is exciting! I think liberty minder folks should abandon the two main parties for good. It would certainly be nice to see a third, Libertarian, rival both.

Wow.... what a tonic....

... ah, there's hope for America...

Plano TX


for the effort

C_T_CZ's picture

Run rEVOLutionary ads on his behalf...

20 FRNs and a little bit of work and you can get thousands of impressions helping increase his name recognition.

Click the link in my signature line for complete instructions, authored by yours truly just for the Daily Paul family.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Florida Governor race

I will be voting for Wyllie !

Tin Pan Miner

bump +vote go wyllie!

bump +vote go wyllie!


- Grow Mushrooms at Home

Very impressive! Smart guy.

Very impressive!
Smart guy.

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Adrian Wyllie: very well spoken, he does a great job in this



The overweight woman in the

The overweight woman in the stripped tie comes across as very ignorant.

BUmp and a vote up

and a shout out to other Floridian DPers: Bump and donate if you can.

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