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An Honest High Speed Internet Commercial



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Coke, Pepsi and 7-Up

All do the same thing. I use to work for all 3 companies, and I found out that they all get together and decide they would never go on sale at the same time, or lower their prices below a certain price.

I work for Comcast; too funny

I totally agree my company sucks. I do not actually work directly for Comcast, my company is contracted to handle calls to troubleshoot over the phone in the event that your Comcast internet goes down. And I hear nothing but HORROR STORY AFTER HORROR STORY. All the customers are disgruntled and unhappy. And when I notice the bill that the customers pay; WHEW! Some pay $200-300 and are getting CRAP SERVICE and their service goes down repeatedly. I would tell them to cancel, but I can't you understand.

I have Frontier internet, pay $30 a month, get only 10Mbps, and my internet HAS NEVER gone down. Blows me away that people pay 10 TIMES what I pay, AND I work from home over the internet, which is non-Comcast internet.

So my $30 internet IS MORE RELIABLE than $300 internet, and a guy with $30 internet is RESCUING the people that have $300 internet. Kinda funny huh?

so true

my current comcast internet service sucks and cuts out everyday. i think it has something to do with being in a condo with too many people on too small of pipe. i have complained several times but it does no good. i'm moving next month or i would cancel, i'm toughing it out. my last house had great comcast service so go figure. the packed office where you go to return equipment had a 45 minute wait last time i was there which is normal from all the complaints i read.

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Very similar to a Funny Or Die video

Funny Or Die had a very similar video, just as good (although a lot more F-bombs)


I know this may be surprising…

…or just ignored as complete bullshit, but I couldn't be happier with my provider about 99% of the time.

Charter and AT&T are the only options in St. Louis, and I've had both (I've always picked Charter but once was forced to go with AT&T). Many, many years ago, when 3mbit was considered fast, I hooked up with Charter and it was affordable and as advertised. Over the next several years I noticed my speed going up to whatever their current slowest plan was: 5Mbit, 8Mbit, 15Mbit … and I was still paying 3Mbit prices.

I moved to the boonies for awhile and had some decent DSL, but when I moved back to St. Louis Charter now had 30Mbit. "Holy shit", I thought, "and it's affordable."

Well, I'm still paying for 30Mbit but I crack 44-45Mbit regularly.


…is with three other people on my network right now. I'll post a 40Mbit+ graphic when I'm on here alone (almost always).

Wondering about stability?

And that's with Chicago as the source. I guarantee it'd be a perfect 5.00 (instead of 4.39 heh) if one of the server choices were in St. Louis. I even get mid-4's using the Argentinian server.

And my connection is always like this. I get the rare storm outage, but that's it. And when Charter's 60Mbit plan becomes their slowest (30Mbit is their slowest right now), I'll get that without a price increase.

I guess what I'm sayin' is: it sucks to be yous guys. ;P

I kid, of course ... I wish you all had my blessing, luck, karma, whatever. I've had one bad internet experience and that's when DSL first came to my neighborhood in the mid-'90s, before there was a such thing as cable internet … in St. Louis, that is.


I just noticed that I may be the only one who loves Charter's service, because they barely get 3 of 5 stars from user ratings. And what's with the "B" grade for that 37Mbit? I only pay for 30. Is it the 4Mbit upstream? In my experience, upstream is always slow and that's as fast as I've ever seen on a home computer.

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Damn commerce clause enabler

it allows the feds to regulate anything of economic value (including private goods), for instance in one case the feds told a guy he couldn't grow as much wheat as he was growing even though he was giving it away to friends "because even non-commercial items may effect interstate commerce". The commerce clause allows the feds to prohibit states from benefiting in state residents over out of state residents, but not the other way around.

basically, this clause has forced the states to look to the feds to regulate industry and now whenever industry comes to any state it is wrapped up in a tight regulatory scheme with bondholders, fixed pricing, and any other way to screw over states for the "benefit of interstate commerce"

And sometimes it is just downright extortion because the states have to accept some Monsanto packages or else they get sued in federal court and Monsanto always wins on violations of its constitutional rts.

Monsanto has enforced its constitutional rts through more judgments than any individual in America history while simultaneously denying access to courts to more farmers than ever in history.

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What was that ...

The 2016 election preview ... close door meetings,doing things collectively,no other option, lesser of two evils - LOL

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Reminds me

There is a bill going through right now, an appropriations bill I think, that is going to shoot down the FCC's attemts to stop states who prohibit cities from offering competing internet service. Call your Senate "rep" as it has just passed the house.


I am so glad people are pointing this out.

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"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Seriously, this is genius.

Seriously, this is genius.

Humour is a great weapon to expose the absurdity of this "economics" we're subjected to.

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Thanks for the :D

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Gasp! Such language. There are ladies present has

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Good find though, thanks for the late night laugh.


Point me at 'em! :D

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They are in the kitchen where they belong

They are making quiche.



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Are you implying there is something wrong with being

in the kitchen? And that if a female wants to be in the kitchen making food she is chauvinist? Wow has...I thought more of you than that kind of mentality. All day long I break my back in the garden then I go in the kitchen and slave over a hot stove making the men of the dailypaul food to nourish them after a hard day of fighting all the tyranny and oppression lurking behind every shadowy corner and for what? To be accused of being a chauvinist?

And to think I was going to make wine gum drops this week sometime....

Gum drops?

I take it all back, I'm sorry. gum drops please. :)

jrd is a lady, so that's

jrd is a lady, so that's really weird....

Chauvinist Chick?

God bless the quiche and

God bless the quiche and sandwich makers, without them we would starve.

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Well Stonewall, us quichemakers do what we can

We all have our roles (oh, crap....I said We, I hope you don't report me to the mods) and we I shudder to think of where the Dailypaul would be without the quichemakers.

Abolish the FCC...



The FCC is playing the good guy in this battle ... so far. A bill just passed the house to stop the FCC from stopping state laws that prohibit cities from offering competing ISP services. Yea, I know, hard to believe given the current FCC chairman but it is what it is. Call your senate rep because the rider to the appropriations bill just made it through the house.

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That was great!

(Would be better without the language, tho. Then I could share it with my family.)

Google is government.