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Funny Video: The First Teachers' Union & Pledge of Allegiance

Watch this all the way through, the pledge at the end is priceless:


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how was this allowed on TV?

how was this allowed on TV?

Southern Agrarian

the last line was so hilarious

I'm glad people are starting to mock the puppets who try to string us up to feel better about their strings

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My sides!!

They are rekt

I wish I posted this a long time ago

never fails to get a laugh out of me. I've been a fan of WKUK since season 1, saw them perform live with an old girl friend, such an awesome group.

This one is perhaps one of my favorites:



Mirand Sharma

Sooo, I think I'm going to stop saying the pledge...

A few points.

1. It's is an act of fealty to the union, which is a pledge as a vassal to a lord. Basically draws from the feudel system where a knight, baron, masne in return for the use of Real Estate (in fee), they had to pledge a service. No thanks.

2. It was written by a racist christian socialist (Francis Bellamy) in 1892. "Indivisble" is a sentiment from the civil war. Lincoln wanted to keep the union together, no matter how many Americans died. Nationalism at it's finest. Bellamy also was a proponent of expanding the public school system.

3. It was used as a marketing tool to sell American Flags.

4. Google the Bellamy Salute, you'll understand. Go ahead and try this original salute next time the pledge is recited.

5. It was originally going to be a "vow" or "swearing" of an oath to the flag. Pledge sounded more appropriate.

I am part of the union by choice, I don't pledge allegiance to it, that would imply that whatever that union did, my pledge is to always remain faithful to the lord (in this case the union). Again, no thanks.

Stopped YEARS ago ...

It is a great way to open eyes to what the state has turned people into.
I have turned my back on the flag a public functions refused to take off my hat and just repeated the word liberty over and over.

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